Software Engineer

Mumbai Experience: 2 - 4 Years

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Software Engineer

Technology | Mumbai | 2 - 4 Years


Software engineers at are expected to take up a business problem and deliver tech solution. They are expected to quickly understand, prototype and deliver a robust, scalable solution.

Responsibilities will include:
• Build out scalable web based systems
• Handle extension and maintenance of existing systems
• Develop test cases and test suites

Few of challenges we are working on are:
• Predicting performance with least amount of input
• Real time analysis of large data sets to generate student's knowledge state
• Platform for teachers across India to create and review content as well as manage content projects
• Customized CRM to help counsellors quickly identify student needs and address them

Our tech stack
• HTML/CSS/Javascript
• Nginx, UWSGI
• Django
• MySQL, Solr, MongoDB, Memcache, Redis
• RabbitMQ
• AngularJS
• NodeJS


• Strong analytical skills
• Strong academic background
• Skilled in either python or ruby or node.js
• Skilled in javascript, HTML, CSS
• Strong understanding of databases (rdbms and nosql)
• Loves to learn new technologies and is a fast learner.
• Extremely comfortable with linux
• Be extremely customer centric. Should like going the extra mile to make the customer happy
• 1-3 years of experience with internet companies
• B. Tech in Engineering or Computer Science

What is Toppr?

We are India's most comprehensive education platform for classes 8 to 12. We build technology driven products that leverage the internet. We build personal learning products that work hard for each of our customers.

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