CA November 2020 Exams: ICAI informs Supreme Court that it is not possible to conduct the exams online

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Highlights on CA November 2020 Exams:

ICAI has informed the Supreme Court about its inability to conduct the November exams online. The institute said that the CA exams test the analytical capabilities of the students and need descriptive answers. It also said that it has not arranged for isolation rooms and doctors. Earlier, some of the students had approached the Supreme Court for the conduction of exams online.

Mumbai: On 4th November, ICAI has informed the Supreme Court that it will not be possible to conduct the CA November 2020 examinations online as the exams evaluate the analytical capabilities of the candidates. The institute also stated that as per the exam pattern, each paper is of 3 hours in which students need to write descriptive answers and not just ticking the correct answers.

The students who were in favour of online CA exams stated that the exam authorities have not taken suitable steps necessary for the safety of the candidates even when less than a month is left for the exams. They further argued that the institute has not issued any safety guidelines yet regarding how the exams will be conducted amidst the pandemic situation.

They also said that the conduction of exams will be in violation of the guidelines issued by the Central Government. As per these guidelines, more than 100 persons cannot gather at the same time at any academic institution.

In this regard, ICAI has said that the isolation rooms and doctor facilities are not available at the exam centres. However, the institute may request the Ministry of Home Affairs to allow e-admit cards of candidates for the purpose of booking hotels.

The Supreme Court on the other hand has asked the students to be rational in their demands. On the matter of booking hotels, it has said that it is a state-specific issue. It has however urged the ICAI to publish necessary steps taken for the candidates with regard to Covid -19 precautions.

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