CBSE 2021: Class 12 Exams Notice Writing Format for the upcoming exams

CBSE 2021

Highlights on CBSE 2021:

CBSE released Sample Papers for Class 12 for all the subjects for the upcoming exams to help the students. Notice writing which is a part of the English syllabus can be very scoring if written well.

Mumbai: CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has released the Sample Papers for Class 12 Board exam students with the marking schemes on the official website. The dates for the Board exams have been announced and these will help the students get accustomed with the exam syllabus and question paper pattern.

The English Syllabus of Class 12 includes Notice Writing also. Although its weightage is minimal if it is written well, it can be scoring. Notice is a written formal announcement or information that can be published in newspapers or can be displayed at public places and is meant for a selected group of people. The Notice should be simple, formal and factual.

As per the previous year papers, the students were asked to write the notice within a word limit of 50 words. Thus, a notice needs to be crisp and to the point. The sample papers shall help the students to master notice writing.

The students can download all the Class 12 Sample Papers including English from the official website of CBSE.

Some important points to be kept in mind by the students while writing Notice is:

  • Follow the word limit strictly.
  • The heading ‘NOTICE’ should be given at the top.
  • Write the name and place of the organisation issuing the notice.
  • Write a heading
  • The date of issuing the notice also needs to be mentioned.
  • Also, all other relevant details such as date, venue, time needs to be written
  • Signature, name and designation of the person issuing the notice need to be given.
  • The notice should always be put in a box.

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