CBSE Board: Major changes introduced in the Exam Pattern for the academic year 2021-22 for Class 9 to 12

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Highlights on CBSE Exams 2021:

CBSE has introduced some major changes in the exam pattern for the academic year 2021-22 for Classes 9th to 12th in line with the National Education Policy. The new exam pattern shall help in developing the higher-order skills in the students.

Mumbai: For the academic year 2021-22, CBSE has introduced some major changes in the exam pattern of Class 9 to 12. It is likely that the final exam paper of Class 9 to 12 will include more competency-based questions, unfamiliar questions or situations that shall assess the application of concepts taught in real-life situations.

As per the report, these changes have been introduced under the National Education Policy (NEP) in order to prepare the students with the ability to solve problems. The new exam pattern shall cultivate higher-order skills in the students such as analysis, critical thinking, and conceptual clarity, instead of testing their ability to memorize the syllabus.

For Class 9th and 10th, CBSE will be introducing a minimum of 30% of competency-based questions such as case-based questions, source base integrated questions, etc. in the form of MCQs in the final exams. 20% of questions will be objective type and the remaining 50% of questions will be short and long answer questions.

For Class 11th and 12th, the CBSE Exam pattern will have 20% competency-based questions, 20% objective-based questions and the remaining 60% short and long answer questions. However, the duration and the total marks of a paper will remain the same as per the previous pattern.

CBSE sample papers and syllabus was released by the board in March 2021. Students can check these on the official website as it will help them understand the structure and design of the new CBSE exam pattern for the academic year 2021-22.

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