CBSE Board Results: Memos Issued to Teachers by CBSE for Faulty Checking


  • CBSE has issued memos to teachers for problematic checking and computation of board results
  • The Board demands that the schools ‘suspend’ any teacher under inquiry
  • The board believes that the actions of teachers have been the cause of grief for students

Mumbai, Maharashtra: As per the e-mails which were sent by CBSE Board to schools, memos have been issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education to teachers for erroneous checking and analysis of CBSE Board Results in 2019. According to the information, many teachers have come under suspicion. Further, these teachers include those who were marking the sheets and those who were responsible for the uploading of marks. Above all, as per the requirements of CBSE, teachers must now explain the discrepancy.

After accessing one of the letters, it has come to light that the board intends to make the schools ‘suspend’ the teacher undergoing inquiry. Meanwhile, CBSE would provide details explaining the procedure of inquiry. Moreover, CBSE will make a decision on the appropriate action against the teachers who are guilty of faulty and erroneous checking.

The board is now seriously considering all the teachers who were possibly responsible for errors in checking and marks uploading. Moreover, according to the mail, the board said that the actions of teachers result in grief for lots of students. Consequently, the board now presses the school administration to look into the matter seriously.

CBSE has been under the scanner for a long time with regards to errors in marking and results of students. Ahead of 2019 board examinations, CBSE had undertaken the organization of various workshops by which the officials gave warning to teachers of action in the event of the discovery of discrepancies. Moreover, the board has set up a three-level checking framework to eliminate errors in the computation of results.

In spite of plenty of efforts, a large number of queries have been sent to the board for reevaluation and totaling. Further, the board recognizes this and is showing determination to step up the process of feedback along with tough repercussions.

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Rameez Iqbal

Rameez Iqbal is a news content writer at Toppr since November 2019. He has good knowledge about the Education industry in India.

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