CBSE to partner with IITs and IIMs for School Principals and staff training

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  • CBSE to collaborate with IIMs and IITs for principals and vice-principals’ training.
  • CBSE is looking forward to organizing professional development programs and short-term courses for school heads.
  • The board also urges the institutes to charge only a nominal fee.

Mumbai, Maharashtra: For tackling the issues concerning the quality of education in affiliated schools CBSE has taken several measures. CBSE board will now collaborate with the Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management and other similar institutes. Also, they will organize professional development programs and short-term courses for CBSE Schools’ principals and vice-principals.

Apart from this, the board already conducts training programs for teachers through its regional training centers in various subjects and other core skills relating to school education.

Here is the official circular by CBSE

Besides, the IIMs were requested to train CBSE school principals, vice-principals, and other managing staff in areas like decision making, Strategic management, defining and managing the cultural DNA of schools, introducing and managing changes at the institutional level, elements of visionary leadership, building an organizational culture, and counseling and managing external stakeholders.

Moreover, for this program that IIMs that will be part of training teachers are IIM Amritsar, Indore, Jammu, Bodh Gaya, and Vishakhapatnam.

The circular read as, “School principals, being the administrative and academic heads of schools, have a challenging leadership role and need continuous training and platform for the exchange of ideas and practices. The board organizes leadership training programs for principals, which focus on multiple roles and responsibilities, provide space to examine issues that most principals face today, and facilitate evolving a tactical response for the better future adaptability of schools. Some of the learning outcomes of such training enable principles.

In addition, the board has requested the institutions to charge a reasonable fee for these short-term programs to facilitate the participation of well-resourced schools to schools located in the educationally backward regions of the country.

Paramjit Kaur, principal of BCM School, Shanti Nagar, cum CBSE city coordinator said, “I have done a week-long program in 2002 from IIM Ahmedabad. However, now, they have included other institutes. I would recommend new principals of the city schools to take up such opportunities and get such training.

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