Coronavirus: Face Mask And Sanitizer Allowed In The Exam Hall By CBSE

Assam re-opening Schools

CBSE Board has granted permission to the students and staff members to use face mask and sanitizer in the examination hall on account of the coronavirus scare.

Mumbai: The Central Board of Secondary Education has permitted students to carry face mask and sanitizer in the examination hall in the view of rising cases of coronavirus in some parts of the country. The Board authorities took this step on account of the increasing number of coronavirus cases surfacing from several parts of the country such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, etc.

Teachers, staff, and students as a precautionary measure have been advised to wear the mask to restrain the spread of the virus further. The situation turned anxious after new cases of coronavirus have emerged. Everyone from students to parents is trying to find ways to safeguard themselves from the virus.

The decision was taken following multiple enquiries by parents and students pertaining to the use of masks and sanitizers during the examination. The Secretary of Central Board of Secondary Education, Anurag Tripathi via a press note on March 4, 2020, clarified that students would be allowed to carry and use sanitizers and face masks if they felt the need to do so.

The Human Resource Development Ministry has requested all the State and CBSE Boards to educate students regarding this outbreak and spread awareness regarding the same. The boards have been asked to take the initiative in highlighting the reasons for the transfer of this virus and the basics steps required for individual safety to the students.

Some CBSE affiliated schools in Delhi NCR region have been closed as a precautionary measure. This was done to prevent any spread of the virus as one of the student’s parent tested positive for the virus after returning from Italy.

Recently, Union Health Minister confirmed 28 positive cases of coronavirus in India. The global death toll has crossed around 3,000 with an estimated number of 90,000 people being infected.

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