Home Ministry issues Guidelines for indoor gatherings including schools and colleges, allows them to operate with a maximum of 50% Hall capacity

Guidelines for indoor gatherings


The Union Home Ministry has issued a notification stating the guidelines and SOPs in view of the increasing COVID-19 cases. As per the notification, the maximum number of persons in an indoor gathering can be only up to a maximum of 50% of the hall capacity, with a ceiling of 200 persons. The schools and colleges are also covered under the notification.

Mumbai: As per the recent update, the Union Home Ministry has issued a notification regarding the guidelines to be followed for any sort of gathering. The guidelines have been issued in view of the increasing COVID-19 cases all across the country. As per the guidelines, the municipal, police and district authorities need to ensure that all indoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of 50% of the hall capacity.

The authorities also need to ensure that the guidelines and SOPs issued by MHA and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are strictly observed. Thus, the new guidelines have empowered the state government and local authorities to restrict the total number of persons allowed at an indoor gathering.

The new guidelines issued are also applicable to educational institutions, schools, and colleges. MHA has allowed persons to a maximum of 50% of hall capacity with a ceiling of 200 people. However, as per the notification, the local authorities and state governments can reduce this limit to 100 persons or less.

However, the notification does not allow the state government to impose a lockdown at the state or district or sub-division or City level outside the containment zones, without consultation with the central government. These new guidelines shall become applicable from 1st to 31st December 2020.

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