JEE Advanced News: JEE Advanced 2020 Exam To Happen on September 27, check tips here

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Highlights for JEE Advanced 2020:

JEE Advanced Exam 2020 will be conducted on September 27, 2020. With less than a month left, candidates are preparing rigorously for the exam. We bring you some tips and strategies that will help you secure a good rank in the exam.

Mumbai, Maharashtra: The National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the JEE Advanced Exam 2020 on September 27. As the date is coming closer, aspirants are starting to prepare for the exam in a rigorous manner. Being one of the toughest exams, it will be helpful to have a few tricks and strategies up your sleeve to clear it successfully.

JEE Advanced 2020 Exam Tips

First of all, it is important to have a full-proof time table so that you can focus equally on each subject. It is also important to have an effective time management strategy and subject-wise planning. This will allow students to attempt each question with confidence.

Following a time table strictly is all the more important as only a few days are left now. JEE Advanced is not an easy paper but you can make it through your hard work and commitment.

Always remember to take mock tests. This will help in becoming familiar with the exam pattern. In addition, it also helps you to recognize the strong and weaker areas so you can work on them accordingly.

Time management is an essential factor. Experts say you must study at least 5-6 hours daily to crack JEE Advanced. Further, as the exam time will be limited, please make sure to maintain a constant speed and accuracy while attempting the questions.

Most importantly, do not forget to take care of your health, both physically and mentally. Do not exert and overwork yourself. Take the recommended sleep of 6 hours daily and boost your immunity to protect yourself from falling ill.

Remember, even a week can make a huge difference in your exam result. Don’t try out new habits and eat home-cooked food only. Also, don’t overthink, just keep yourself calm and confident.

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