Karnataka: Colleges have re-opened from 17th November 2020 and resume in-person classes amidst Covid-19 restrictions

Karnataka Colleges have re-opened

Highlights for Karnataka Colleges have re-opened from 17th November 2020 :

The degree, engineering and diploma colleges and universities has re-opened and resume in-person classes from 17th November 2020 in Karnataka. The guidelines and SOPs need to be strictly followed. The state also plans to re-open medical, paramedical, nursing, dental and AYUSH colleges from 1st December 2020.

Mumbai: As per the announcement of the Karnataka Government, from 17th November 2020 Colleges and universities have re-opened and resume in-person classes. The classes shall resume after about 7 months amidst Covid-19 restrictions. Earlier, in line with the Unlock guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the state government had issued the directions regarding the re-opening of the degree, engineering and diploma colleges.

The colleges and universities need to strictly adhere to the guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for COVID-19, as prescribed by the central government. From 1st December 2020 onwards, the state government is also permitting the re-opening of medical, paramedical, nursing, dental and AYUSH colleges in Karnataka. However, the Karnataka has not taken any substantial decision regarding the opening of the schools and pre-university colleges.

Among all the other guidelines and restrictions, the students, teachers and other staff members who wish to attend the colleges and universities in-person also need to get their Covid-19 tests done and their reports shall be negative. They thus require producing a negative RT-PCR test report. The students also need to submit a consent or no-objection letter from their parents stating that they permit them to attend the regular in-person classes.

The colleges have started sanitizing the premises and making arrangements for following the necessary protocols for social distancing and spaced seating arrangements.  They also need to make a task force consisting of students, teachers and staff members to see that the protocols are followed by everyone.

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