Maharashtra State: A police station in Aurangabad begins English classes for slum kids

Maharashtra State


The Pundalik Nagar police station in Aurangabad (Maharashtra) is conducting English classes for the children living in the slums nearby. A retired teacher is teaching these students.

Mumbai: The Pundalik Nagar Police station in Aurangabad has begun English tutoring for the kids residing in the slums nearby the police station. The police took this initiative as a part of a community policing programme. The police transcended its duty of maintaining law and order, by starting these classes for kids.

As per one of the officials, the Police station has started this programme for a period of 15 days in which a teacher is helping them. He also added that it has been 3 days since the English classes have begun for the slum children and 14 kids are attending the classes.

Ghanshyam Sonawane, Assistant Police Inspector, said, “Children are unable to attend schools due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and many don’t have facilities to attend classes online. Considering the scenario, we decided to arrange for tutorials for English and mathematics.”

The officials said that the classes were started for middle school students and 14 students are attending them. Out of these 14 students, 6 students had not attended the online classes also. S P Jawalkar who is the retired headmaster of a local school in the city has volunteered to be part of the project.

The classes are held in accordance with the Covid-19 safety norms and protocol. Social distancing is being maintained; masks are being worn and also sanitizer is being used by the police and students. Jawalkar is conducting the classes on the terrace of the police station for one and a half hours daily.

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