Pune: Amid strict adherence to COVID-19 Guidelines, Schools and Colleges Reopen from 4th January 2021 in the city

Schools and Colleges Reopen

Highlights on Pune Schools and Colleges:

The schools for Classes 9th to 12th and colleges falling within the jurisdiction of PMC have reopened from 4th January 2021. However, the students, teachers and the staff members need to strictly adhere to the COVID SOPs and Guidelines issued.

Mumbai:  The schools for Classes 9th to 12th students and the colleges within the jurisdiction of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) have reopened from today i.e. 4th January 2021. The PMC and the local authorities have urged the school administration, teachers and students, to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines strictly.

In the rural parts of Pune district, the schools and colleges for Classes 9th to 12th were reopened from 23rd November 2020 ensuring strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines.

The Pune Municipal Corporation has directed all the schools and colleges to make sure that all the teachers, staff members and students undergo RT-PCR tests mandatorily. They also need to carry their negative reports on 4th January in order to be allowed inside the premises.

The schools and colleges have been instructed by the PMC to completely adhere to the SOPs and the COVID -19 guidelines such as wearing masks, carrying sanitisers, maintaining social distancing, etc. All the students, teachers and staff members will also go through a thermal scanning the reading of which will be recorded. This will ensure that no one with any COVID symptoms enters the premises.

As per the SOPs and COVID guidelines, the schools and colleges have also altered the seating arrangements to ensure social distancing. Due to this the schools and colleges would also need to use some extra classrooms.

Though a majority of the schools have shown their willingness to reopen, there are still a few schools that are underway with regards to COVID SOPs and Guidelines preparations. Thus, a few schools and colleges may not reopen owing to lack of arrangements.

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