Telangana Board Exams 2021: Class 10 and Class 12 exams are expected to be held in April – May 2021

Telangana Board Exams

Highlights on Telangana Board Exams 2021:

The Telangana State Education Board plans to hold the Class 10 Exams from the end of April to 10th May 2021. It also plans to schedule the Class 12 exams in May 2021 after the completion of the Class 10 exams. The state entrance exams may also be conducted in May. The authorities do not intend to make any changes in the syllabus or the question papers.

Mumbai: As per the sources, the Telangana State Education Board is planning to hold the Class 10 exams in May 2021 and Class 12 exams in April 2021. Telangana State Board of Secondary Education conducts the Class 10 exams while Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education conducts the Class 12 exams. The officials are also planning to hold the state entrance examinations in May itself.

As per the instructions issued by Chitra Ramachandran, Special Principal Secretary, Department of Education, to the designated authorities, if Class 10 exams begin at the end of April, they will be finished by 10th May 2021. The Board plans to start the Class 12 exams after the completion of the Class 10 exams.

Earlier, the Class 12 (Intermediate) exams were scheduled to be held by 24th March 2021. It will feasible to conduct the exams in May 2021 only if the schools re-open from 1st December 2020. The syllabus requires at least 5 months to be covered and thus 5 months’ time gap is needed.

However, the Education Department is not making any changes in the question papers for the Intermediate exams. If the syllabus or question papers are modified the students may find it difficult to perform well in the exams. The education department also plans to offer more choices to the students of Class 10.

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