Union Education Minister, Pokhriyal, launches ‘SARTHAQ’ to implement NEP 2020

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Highlights on SARTHAQ:

Union Education Minister has launched SARTHAQ in order to implement NEP 2020 at the school level. It is developed by the Department of School Education and Literacy.

Mumbai: The NEP (National Education Policy) 2020 implementation plan for schools, ‘SARTHAQ’ has been launched by the Union education minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ at the school level. SARTHAQ stands for Students’ and Teachers’ Holistic Advancement through Quality Education.

SARTHAQ has been developed by The Department of School Education and Literacy.

The high-level meeting on the implementation of the NEP 2020 was chaired by the Union Education Minister.

As per the statement issued by the Education Ministry of India, ‘The plan keeps in mind the concurrent nature of education and adheres to the spirit of federalism. States and UTs are given the flexibility to adapt this plan with local contextualization and also modify it as per their needs and requirements. This implementation plan delineates the roadmap and way forward for implementation of NEP, 2020 for the next 10 years, which is very important for its smooth and effective implementation.”

The statement further added, “Attempt has also been made to propose activities in a manner, such that it will be built upon the existing structure rather than creating new structures. Thus, SARTHAQ takes care of the spirit and intent of the Policy and is planned to be implemented in a phased manner.”

While speaking on the launch of SARTHAQ, Mr Pokhriyal said, “ The plan is interactive, flexible and inclusive. The major focus of SARTHAQ is to define goals and set deadlines. It links the recommendations of the NEP with 297 ‘tasks’ along with responsible agencies, timelines and 304 outputs of these tasks.”

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