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The Toppr Approach

70% of exam success is practice

Students spend 70% of their preparation time on practice outside of class. The difference between a rank and a miss is how they practice.


Your child is unique

The conventional methods don't recognise that some students learn at a different pace than others. Our technology personalises the learning experience of each student by adapting questions to their progress.

Our goal-driven pedagogy

Each chapter in Toppr is divided into goals. As students practice questions, they get an instant feedback on their progress in a goal.





The toppr advantage

Practice questions

Finding new questions daily to practice is a challenge.

Toppr has over 3 lakh questions to practice from.

Detailed solutions

Finding step-by-step solutions to questions is difficult.

Toppr gives hints and step-by-step solutions to the questions.

Get feedback

Score is the only feedback that a student gets in offline practice.

Students get instant feedback and detailed reports that highlights weak areas and recommendations in a chapter.

Adaptive practice

Students are given the same type and number of questions to practice. No personalization.

Students get personalized assessments that adapt to students' learning progress.

More Features

JEE is taxing for the student and the family. We're glad that Toppr is around to help us out.

Mr. & Mrs. Chasmawala

Parents, IIT-G student

When studying, I have a lot of doubts. Even at 3:30 am, there's a tutor around to resolve my doubts.

Shivani Mayekar

12th, JEE

The previous 5 years' question papers improved my aptitude in Maths and Science.

Saurabh Chaughule

9th, SSC Board

Use Toppr to crack the hardest, toughest exams in India. It's got everything a student needs.

Lomai Narendra Thule

11th, NEET

Toppr lets me practice, track my progress and revise. It's like having a private tutor.

Ebrahim Bharmal

12th, JEE, CET


  1. My child isn’t preparing for competitive exams. Is Toppr required then?

    Toppr was customized for competitive exams. If your child isn’t preparing for competitive exams, then Toppr isn’t required.
    However, many students use toppr frequently for self assessment of their understanding of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology.

  2. My child hasn’t joined a coaching class. Will Toppr still be useful?

    Practice is a pre-requisite for excellence in competitive exams. Your child will need to constantly practice questions and track his progress. Toppr empowers students to do this and much more by themselves. Students need not be enrolled in a coaching class to gain from Toppr.

  3. Will Toppr interfere with my coaching class preparation?

    Toppr is a supplement to classroom learning. Practice is a pre-requisite for excellence in competitive exams. You will need to constantly practice questions and track progress. Toppr empowers you to do this and much more by yourself. You need not be enrolled in a coaching class to gain from Toppr nor will Toppr interfere with coaching class schedule.

  4. My child has already joined many test series. Why is Toppr required?

    Unlike other test series packages, Toppr offers you a highly personalized experience according to your level of preparation. Adding to that, Toppr is used by a large student community with whom you can compare, discuss and get feedback.

  5. I have already purchased a lot of books for my child. Why should I now purchase Toppr?

    Books are great to learn theory and concepts but it is also very important for your child to supplement his/her preparation with practice. Toppr has a large question bank which your child can use for the same.

  6. Is there any parent student report/discussion forum?

    Coming soon! We are building it.

  7. How will I know the progress of my ward?

    Toppr generates extensive reports containing feedback and analysis for each test. You can ask your ward to show you the reports.

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