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Toppr Scholarship Test Syllabus
Class 5-8
Duration 1 hr
50 Questions
50 Questions
Logical Reasoning
Class 9-10
Duration 1 hr
50 Questions
50 Questions
Logical Reasoning
Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology
Class 11
Duration 2 hrs
100 Questions
100 Questions
Logical Reasoning
Class 11 JEE Maths, Physics & Chemistry
Class 12/12+
Duration 2 hrs
100 Questions
100 Questions
Class 11 & 12 JEE Maths, Physics & Chemistry
Class 11
Duration 2 hrs
100 Questions
100 questions
Logical Reasoning
Class 11 NEET Biology, Physics & Chemistry
Class 12/12+
Duration 2 hrs
100 Questions
100 questions
Class 11 & 12 NEET Biology, Physics & Chemistry
Why should you take Toppr Star Test?
T-STAR is an all-India Scholarship Test for Aptitude and Reasoning that helps students evaluate their skillset. Students who score a higher rank in this online aptitude test will receive exciting scholarships and free counselling sessions from Toppr. So why wait? Register for our online scholarship exam now!
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the eligibility criteria for Toppr STAR?
All students studying in Class 5-10, Class 11& 12 science streams are eligible for the test. Droppers(12th completed) who are aspiring for JEE/NEET are also eligible.
Can I avail my scholarship after the first 3 days?
Yes, you can book a demo with our sales agent and reclaim your T-Star scholarship.
Is there a physical centre for the T-Star exam?
No. The scholarship exam is completely online. You can attempt the T-Star exam from the comfort of your home
Can I use a calculator?
Yes, you can. Although the questions will be tricky. You will need more of your mental power instead of a calculator.
How much is the registration fee for Toppr STAR?
The test is absolutely free.
What are the system requirements for taking the online aptitude test?
You can take the test on mobile/tablet/laptop/desktop using any modern browser. However, for the best experience, we recommend a good internet connection and taking the test on a laptop/desktop using Chrome.
How to take the online scholarship test?
STEP 1- Create an account at www.toppr.com/star by filling the Online Registration Form
STEP 2- Log in using your credentials
STEP 3- On the Test Date, you can start by clicking on the “Start Test” button.
Can I take the test, if I am an existing paid user of Toppr?
Yes. All eligible students, even Toppr’s students, can appear for TSTAR. But the scholarship availed can only be used for enrolling in fresh courses.
What if the scholarship exam ends abruptly?
If your test ends abruptly(without clicking on ‘Submit Test’ Button), you can resume from where you left by re-logging into TSTAR’s website with your credentials. However, the timer will continue to run in the background and you will lose the time for which you were away. If you are unable to resume, you can attempt the next scheduled T-STAR test.
What if I am late in starting the test?
Students can start the test anytime from Saturday 9 AM to Sunday 10 PM as per your convenience. Post Sunday 10 PM students wouldn't be allowed to start the test
Can I take TSTAR multiple times?
Yes, you can take future TSTARs but the scholarship can be availed only once. The date and time of the upcoming tests will be visible to you after you attempt the current test or 1 day after the current test date.
Can I give tests for 2 different classes simultaneously?
For a particular test sequence number, the test can be attempted from a single class.
For e.g, A user who has attempted test no. 6 for class 9th is not allowed to attempt test 6 for any other class.
What if I have more queries?
Please feel free to contact us through mail at [email protected]  in case your queries are not answered here. We will be glad to help you as soon as possible.
How many marks do I need to score to get the Scholarship?
Scholarships would be awarded on the basis of T-STAR test rank. T-STAR ranks would be generated after every test for each category and target exam separately. Details are mentioned below:

Class 5th-8th
Class 9th-10th
Class 11th JEE
Class 11th NEET
Class 12th/12th+ JEE
Class 12th/12th+ NEET

Winners Scholarship Details:
Rank 1: 90 days free subscription
Rank 2-3: 60 days free subscription
Rank 4-10: 30 days free subscription
Rank 11-30: 15 days free subscription

1. Scholarship would be awarded only on toppr answr packages.
2. For Existing Toppr Students, who have doubts subscription, NO Scholarship will be applicable.
3. You can email at [email protected] to claim your scholarships. isOpen: false,
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