Ever come across a problem where we have to use numbers? And which has multiple variables in it? Well, algebra is the branch of mathematics which involves writing equations in variables to solve a numerical problem. Algebra helps in building the basics of maths. Let’s learn how to write a mathematical equation in the section below.

FAQ on Algebra

Question– Who is the father of algebra?

Answer– The father of Algebra is Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi. He was Muslim mathematician in the 9th century as well as an astronomer. This title was derived from the name of a book he wrote which was Kitab Al-Jabr.

Question– What is the use of algebra?

Answer– Algebra has many uses, it comes in use in our day to day lives as well. We make use of algebra in order to find the distance, volume, and perimeter of an area, determine any object’s cost, rent something, time relationships, and more.

Question– How many types of algebra are there?

Answer– There are five major types of algebraic equations. We distinguish them by the position of variables, kinds of operators and functions in use plus the behaviour of the graphs. Every equation includes a distinct probable input and creates a result with a different analysis.

Question– Why was Algebra invented?

Answer– The Greeks formed a geometric algebra. In here, they use sides of geometric objects, mainly lines consisting of associated letters in order to represent the terms. Thus, through this new kind of algebra, they made it possible to find out solutions to equations by making use of this same process which they referred to as ‘the application of areas’.

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