NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 1 Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 1 – Rational Numbers

Every student thinks that maths could be a tough subject however it’s not true. Although, the CBSE board mention to use NCERT books for the course of study. However, solely NCERT book isn’t enough students want guide materials. That’s where Toppr can help you as we offer the most effective and NCERT solutions for class 8 Maths Chapter 1. Also, you’ll be able to realize these guides massively helpful for getting ready for your future grade 9 and 10 because it functions a base for them.

The NCERT solutions for class 8 Maths Chapter 1 is framed in line with the most recent course of study of the CBSE board. These solutions measure very useful in securing good marks within the boards. Also, you’ll be able to get resolved paper of the preceding ten years. Apart from that, these resolved papers can assist you to know the chapter a lot accurately.

The solutions offer you a concept to handle the content of the chapter. Also, the solutions and clarification are quite convenient for study. Apart, from that, these solutions are designed and resolved by our team of professionals who understand the necessity for NCERT solutions for class 8 Maths Chapter 1. The link for download is obtainable below for you to download the solutions.

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CBSE Class 8 Maths Chapter 1 Rational Numbers NCERT Solutions

The main concept of this chapter is to teach students about rational numbers. During this Chapter, you learn regarding the properties of real numbers, whole numbers, integers, natural numbers, and rational numbers. Also, the numbers are associative, conclusion and independent. Apart from that rational number can be written as a/b where both are integers and b> 0.

Sub-topics covered under NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 1

  • Ex. 1.1 Introduction – Introduces to the concept of a rational number.
  • Ex. 1.2 Properties of Rational Numbers – Describe what the properties of rational numbers are?
  • Ex. 1.2.1 Closure – Defines the concept of any number which is a sum of two definite types of numbers.
  • Ex. 1.2.2 Commutativity – Describes that the order does not affect the result.
  • Ex. 1.2.3 Associativity – Refers that the change in order does not affect the result.
  • Ex. 1.2.4 The Role of Zero – Defines what role zero play in rational numbers.
  • Ex. 1.2.5 The Role of One – Describes the role of one in rational numbers.
  • Ex. 1.2.6 Negative of a Number – Tells what role the negative number play and how it affects the equation.
  • Ex. 1.2.7 Reciprocal – Refers to the just opposite value like a/b reciprocal will be b/a.
  • Ex. 1.2.8 Distributivity of Multiplication over Addition for Rational Numbers – Tells how to distribute rational numbers in an equation.
  • Ex. 1.3 Representation of Rational Numbers on the Number Line – Defines a way to show rational numbers on a line.
  • Ex. 1.4 Rational Numbers between Two Rational Numbers – Tells how to find rational numbers amid two rational numbers.

You can download NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 1 by clicking on the button belowncert solutions for class 8 maths chapter 1

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