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Advice Vs Advise

It is not a hidden fact that the terms of advice and advise are often used interchangeably, but that is wrong. People tend to get confused in advice vs advise. While we use both of them in a similar context, they are separated by a single letter. Moreover, this letter is what signals significant differences which we must keep in mind when we use these terms. Thus, let us find out what the difference is between them. Firstly, advise is a verb whereas advice is a noun. So, this teaches us how to make use of each of these terms and in what way.

Further, they have different meanings and are different parts of speech, however, there is a relationship between their usage. So, it is understandable how one might get confused between the two. But, worry not. This is exactly what we will focus on. Our article will help you learn about the difference between advice vs advise. Consequently, after this, you will be able to make the correct use of both of these words in the correct sense.

advice vs advise

Difference between Advice Vs Advise

To begin with, we will start by stating that advise is a verb and advice is a noun. The verb, advise, means to give counsel or give an opinion or suggestion which is worth following.  On the other hand, the noun advice means an opinion or recommendation which is given as that serves as a guide to action, conduct and more.

When we say ‘advice’, we pronounce the ‘-ice’ as ice as in ice cube. Similarly, when we say ‘advise’, we pronounce that ‘-ise’ as ‘ize’ as in apologize. So, it is essential that you know about advice vs advise to understand it correctly.

One of the main confusion between these two terms may arise from the subtle spelling difference there is between them. So, when you know the correct pronunciation, you will be able to distinguish between them better.

When/How to Use Advice

Advice is a noun just like practice. You can remember it by the fact that both of them end in ice. Thus, you see that you can give advice or receive advice. It can also be something that is unwelcomed.

Further, some may also demand that you take their advice. For instance, you listen to and follow advice. A lot of times, advice also means a formal or professional opinion, especially by a barrister.

For instance, look at the following examples to know what is wrong and right:

Incorrect: I would advice you to quit drinking.

Correct: I would advise you to quit drinking.

When/How to Use Advise

As advise is a verb which means action. So, it means you are giving counsel or offering an opinion to someone. The main difference you must remember is that while advise is an action, the advice is a thing. So, you never use them interchangeably.

For instance, someone may advise you against keeping company with a particular person. Further, your mother can advise you to carry your umbrella during monsoons when you step out. You will find ‘please advise’ in your email correspondence often.

For instance, look at the following examples to know about advice vs advise:

She advised me to get some advice about my family problems.

Examples of Advice – Using Advice in a Sentence

As the advice is a noun, you will see that it does not perform any action in the sentence. Similarly, as it is a non-countable noun, you will see people using it often after the word ‘some’ ‘my’ or ‘your’. Let us take a look at examples to use it correctly in a sentence:

  • Vijay’s accountant gave him sound financial advice.
  • She needs my advice on which mobile phone to buy.
  • Riya always gives Tina advice on her relationships.
  • Anjali took my interview advice on board and got the job.
  • She knows nothing about real estate, I never ask for her advice.

Examples of Advise – Using Advise in a Sentence

As we have said before that advise is a verb, so we need to use it accordingly. It is present with the subject of the sentence performing the action of advising. Let us take a look at some examples of using advise in a sentence.

  • I asked Nisha to advise me on the correct way to wrap the dumplings.
  • The hiking instructor will advise the tourists of the risks before going on the hike.
  • I advise you to leave the cafeteria before a fight breaks out.
  • The couple asked the therapist to advise them on what all to try to fix their relationship.
  • The doctor strongly advised Tina to quit drinking.

Thus, you see that when we use both of these terms correctly, we can make a good impact. Further, always remember the differences between advice vs advise so that you do not use them interchangeably.

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