Principles of Coordination

Coordination is the process that ensures smooth interplay. This is between the forces and functions of different component parts of the organization. Thus, it’s purpose is gain by maximum collaborative effectiveness and minimum friction. To achieve further coordination there are principles of coordination.

Principles of Coordination

Coordination is rational as a well conscious process. It pulls various parts of the organization and unifies them to make a team. Thereby it achieves the predetermined goals in an effective manner.

Also, it is an orderly synchronization of efforts by the subordinates to proper timing, amount, and quality of execution. Thus, it includes the blending of activities of different individuals and groups towards achieving the common goal.

Principles of Coordination

There are different stages to achieve effective coordination. 

Early Stage Principle

This principle states that coordination must start at a very early stage. So, in the management process, this is very vital. Thus, it can be said that this should start at the planning stage. So, this will ensure that the best plans are made. Also, it is necessary to implement these plans successfully.

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Continuity Principle

According to the second principle, coordination is a process that requires continuity. Thus, it means that the process should not be only a one-time process. So, the process of coordination should begin at the time the organization starts. This shall also continue until an organization exists.

Direct contact Principle

This principle believes in direct contact. It states that managers should directly contact their subordinates. Thus, it will help in building good relations for managers with their subordinates.

Also, because of this principle, any misunderstanding will be avoided. Along with this, misinterpretations and disputes will be avoided between the subordinates and the managers.

Reciprocal relation Principle

The actions and decisions of the people working in the organization and their departments are inter-related. Thus, the actions and decisions of one department or the person will affect other departments and people in the organization.

So, before taking any decision every manager must find out the effect of that decision on the other departments. This is the principle of reciprocal relations. Thus, the coordination in the organization will be followed properly only if the principles are followed.

Clarity of objective Principle

Coordination in an organization is possible only when there are clear objectives set in the organization. Everyone working in the organization should be clear about the objectives. Thus, there should not be any doubt regarding the objectives of the organization. Thus, the objective of the organization is can be achieved quickly and easily.

Effective communication Principle

Coordination in the organization will be achieved only if there is a presence of effective communication. So, there should be good communication present between all the different departments in an organization. Furthermore, effective communication should also be present between the manager and their subordinates as well as within the employees.

Practice Questions on Principles of Coordination

Q1. In total there are six methods for giving the orders. They are open order, mutual effort, volunteering, and

A. Command, suggestion, delegation

B. Power, suggestion, command

C. Delegation, command, coordination

D. Power, coordination, command

Answer: B. Power, suggestion, command

Q2. Which one of these may not give you an advantage in coordination?

A. Creative force

B. Unity of direction

C. Effective supervision

D. None of the above

Answer: C. Effective supervision

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  • Principles of Coordination

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  • Principles of Coordination

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