Management process

Introduction to Management

 Nowadays, management has evolved into an innovative and powerful force. A force on which society depends for national well being and material support. The introduction to management is a very basic topic to understand how management is involved in different forms.

Introduction to Management

Introduction to Management

The introduction to management has three forms. These three forms are sufficient to understand the management process. They are managed as an art, science, and profession.

Management as an Art

Every art needs practical knowledge rather than theoretical to understand it. Thus, it becomes important to understand the theoretical applications practically. For example, a successful manager is not made by a degree. Rather how well he applies the theory and concepts determines his worth.

Also, along with the practical and theoretical approach, every artist has their own different style. Every artist approaches their own situation differently. Thus, the level of success and quality of their performance varies from one person to another.

Another important term here is creativity. Because of creativity, an artist tries to produce something that no one has done before. Thus, it requires imagination and intelligence for creating something.

Management as a Science

When we talk about scientific principles, there is often truth related to it. There are principles like the principle of unity of command which has basic fundamental principles and is applicable everywhere. Scientific principles arrive through research and scientific investigation.

So, they are based on logic. Also, there are management principles that have developed through experiences and experiments by many managers.

There are various variables that lay down cause and effect relationship between many variables. For example, the lack of balance between responsibility and authority will give way to ineffectiveness. You can test the validity of scientific principles any number of times you want and at any time.

Thus, they do stand the test of time. Any number of times you do the test, it will give you the same results. Also, there are future events which you can easily predict using scientific principles.

Management as a Profession

  • For a specialized activity to become a profession it needs to have the following characteristics
  • There should be an existence of a formal system and method. This is done for training and teaching people with that skill and knowledge.
  • There should be a systematic body of knowledge. Thus, it can be used for advising, instructing, or guiding people.
  • Also, there needs to be scope for creating consultants for the above skills. Thus, there can be a formation of an association by these consultants.
  • Furthermore, there should be the existence of a code of conduct among professional people. Also, they should be ready to meet the needs of a man.

When you closely study the management position, you will find that not all the conditions are satisfied. But when you are attempting something it will surely turn out into the fully fledged profession.

Questions on Introduction to Management

Q. A typical manager performs their managerial function in which order?

A. Organizing, planning, controlling, leading

B. Leading, planning, controlling, organizing

C. Planning, organizing, leading, controlling

D. Controlling, planning, organizing, leading

Answer: C. Planning, organizing, leading, controlling

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Management process
  • Introduction to Management

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Management process
  • Introduction to Management

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