Organizational Conflicts

Strategies for Conflict Management in Workplace

Conflict is nothing but the condition of an extreme level of disagreement. It is quite common in any organization because of the presence of the workforce with different attributes, preferences, way of working, etc. Moreover, there are various other reasons for the emergence of conflicts like lack of proper reporting system, lack of a system of conflict redressal, etc. In this article, we will look at the various strategies for conflict management.

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Types of Conflicts

1. Relationship Conflict – Interpersonal tensions among individuals that have to do with their relationship, not the work.
2. Task Conflict –It is the disagreement about the work between the workers.
3.  Process Conflict – It is the disagreement between workers regarding the way of performing a specific work in the workplace.

Strategies For Conflict Management in the Workplace

1. Avoiding: It is one of the strategies in which one of the parties or both the parties tries to avoid the conflict. This generally happens when one or both the parties realize that there is no benefit of fighting.
2. Accommodating: It is one of the strategies in which one party tries to adjust to another party. In this case, the party does not assert his/her opinion on the other party.
3. Collaborating: It is one of the strategies which promotes both the assertiveness and cooperation.
4. Negotiation: It is one of the strategies in which both the parties talk with each and try to find out a common solution to their disagreement.
5. Distributive negotiation: It is one strategy which the company uses in the case of a fixed amount of asset distribution among the parties.

conflict management

Ways to Manage Workplace Conflicts

  • Understand the Situation
  • Acknowledge the Problem
  • Patience
  • Keep the Communication Open

1. Understand the Situation

Conflict is a very dangerous condition for an organization. Under this, people generally lose their mind and act aggressively.

So, here comes the concept of understanding. Understanding the details of the conflict is extremely necessary. Any act done without a proper understanding of the situation leads to more conflicts.

Learn more about Meaning and Causes of Conflicts here in detail

2. Acknowledge the Problem

Understanding the situation is undoubtedly an important aspect of any conflict management. But one should forget that the root cause of the problem.

One problem may be small for a person but may turn out to be extremely harmful. So, the management should try to look at all the various level of problems and analyze them.

3. Patience

High thinkers believe that the managers should never take any decision in haste. Even if the manager has seen all the problems, he should immediately jump to steps.

He should try to collect all the information and then select the most appropriate course of action. Hence, patience makes them win even the lost matches.

4. Keep the Communication Open

Communication is a very special and important element in our life. People can solve thousands of inter-personal problems through this effective tool. In organizations also, it can prove to be an important aspect.

In the case of conflicts, communication can help both the parties to understand each other’s point and work upon a mutual agreement.

So, the managers should try to arrange a proper meeting for maintaining continuous communication between both the parties.

Solved Question on Conflict Management

Question: How the establishment of the guidelines can prove to be an effective strategy of controlling conflict in the organization?

Answer: Undoubtedly, meeting between the parties is an important aspect of solving problems. But in order to ensure the quality and the proper outcome of the meeting, the company should frame certain guidelines for the same. These guidelines can be expressing feelings openly, avoiding getting emotional, etc. These guidelines ensure the success of the meeting and prove to be an important tool for solving organizational conflicts.

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