Culture and Places of India and World

Cultural Panorama and Famous Places of India

India is the home for art and culture. Some of the famous places of India are also the famous monuments of the world. The culture of India has various shades to it. To know more about the famous places of India and its culture, let’s explore the article further!

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Cultural Panorama

India is a culturally diverse country. The classification of Indian culture is divided into 4 divisions and that is North Indian culture, South India culture, East India culture and West India culture.

  • North Indian culture has its impact the northern states of India i.e Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi. Art and architecture is the main attraction in north India be it, The Hanuman statue in Delhi or the Taj Mahal in Agra an also the Rajputana Paintings. Traditionally women there wear Shalwar kameez along with a Dupatta and men wears kurta and Choini.
  • East Indian culture has its impact the eastern states of India i.e. Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and union territory Andaman and Nicobar islands. The staple food of this culture of Fish and Rice. Durga Pooja and Jagannath Yatra are the two main cultural attraction of East Indian culture.
  • West Indian culture has its impact on the Western states of India i.e Maharastra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa and union territory of Diu and Daman. Celebrating of festivals like Ganesh Chathurty and Kite flying Festival is Western Indian culture. There is cultural diversity and therefore the staple food of this culture is varied from region to region. Maharashtrians like to have spicy food and Gujaratis like to have simple and soul food whereas Goan love to have seafood.
  • South Indian Cultural has its impact on Southern states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerela, Andra Pradesh and Telangana. Women wear sarees and men wear lungis traditionally. The staple food of South Indians is Fish, Rice and Coconut being the main ingredient. Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniaatam are some of the dance forms of this culture.

Famous Places of India

India is a homeland for beautiful scenic beauty in India. Famous place os India covers very thing from temples, natural beauty and also historic values.

Famous Places of India with Natural Beauty

  • Kashmir has beautiful, calm, blissful lakes and the flower valleys and orchids. A blanket of snow is covering the place in winters. So Kashmir has a breathtaking scenic beauty of India. Leh Ladakh is also a part of Kashmir. Gulmar, Srinagar are some of the places to surely visit.

Famous places of India

  • Kerala’s Backwaters, Lakes, Mountain Ranges and Ancient places make this place flourished with a place to visit. Kerala also has wildlife sanctuaries as the major attraction of tourists. Ayurvedic tourism is also very famous in Kerala.

Famous places of India

  • Nainital has Mountain ranges covered with snow. This beautiful city is located at the altitude of 2,084 above the sea level. Nani Lake of Nainital is the queens of lakes.

Famous places of India

Famous Religious Places of India

  • Golden Temple in Amritsar: It is the most spiritual visit for Sikhs. Langars provides food to thousands of people daily at Golden temple. Guru Aryan completed the construction in 1577, it took 8 years to complete.

Famous places of India

  • Sanchi Stupa is a Buddhist temple located in Madhya Pradesh. sanchi is one of the oldest stone structure in India. Hence it is the site of devotion and beauty together. In the 3rd century, King Ashoka built the stupa.

Famous places of India

  • Konark Sun temple is located in Odisha.  It was built in Eastern Ganga Dynasty. Konark word is Kona ie angle and Arka is Sun. Arka refers to the lord sun in Hindu culture. hence dedicated to Lord of the sun.

Famous places of India

Famous Historical Places of India

  • Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal for his wife. Therefore, this place is the symbol of love. Taj Mahal is one of the 7 wonders of the world. White marbles are used to build the structure. Hence it took 10 years to complete it.
  • Shanivar-wada was built in 732 by Peshwa ruler in Pune. Since the Structure is old its construction consists of only stones and bricks. Delhi Darwaza is the other name of the main entrance gate. The structure was on an unexplained fire and hence the structure is destroyed and well preserved now.

Famous places of India

Solved Examples for You

Question 1. Which of the following festival celebrated by Sultan Balban is the royal festival in medieval India?

  1. Diwali
  2. Dussehra
  3. Nawruz
  4. Eid-ul-Zuha

Answer: Nawruz.

Question 2. Which one of the following statements regarding various handicrafts in India is not true?

  1. Dhokra handicraft originated in Madhya Pradesh and famous for its simplicity
  2. The artisans involved in Brass handicrafts are famously known as Kansaris
  3. Pottery has its origin during the Indus Valley Civilisation
  4. The paper handicraft industries are mainly located in Tamil Nadu

Answer: The paper handicraft industries are mainly located in Tamil Nadu

Question 3. Jallikattu festival is associated with which state?

  1. Kerala
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Karnataka
  4. Maharashtra

Answer: Tamil Nadu

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Culture and Places of India and World
  • Cultural Panorama and Famous Places of India

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Culture and Places of India and World
  • Cultural Panorama and Famous Places of India

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