Congruence of Triangles

Can you cut a sandwich in two exactly equal triangles? Or maybe one piece exactly half of the other? Well, if you do, these similar triangles would be called congruent to each other. There are many more such interesting applications of the congruence of triangles. Let’s find out more about the conditions for congruency in the topic below.

FAQs on Congruence of Triangles

Question 1: How to know if two triangles are similar?

Answer: Similar triangles are those triangles in which the ratios of the lengths of their corresponding sides are equal. Furthermore, if you need to find out if two triangles are similar or not just compare their corresponding sides. And if they are of the same length then it is a similar triangle otherwise not.

Question 2: State some properties of similar triangles?

Answer: Similar triangles have all the corresponding angles that are equal and all corresponding sides that are proportionate. Also, the direction at which the triangles are facing does not matter as long as each side is proportionate.

Question 3: What is the law of similar triangles?

Answer: Triangles are said to be similar if their corresponding sides are proportional and their corresponding angles are congruent. In simple words, it is not necessary for similar triangles to have the same size, but they have the same shape. Furthermore, they are congruent and their corresponding sides are of equal length.

Question 4: What is BPT in triangles?

Answer:In triangles, BPT refers to the Basic Proportionality Theorem.According to BPT, a parallel line that is similar to a side of a triangle, which intersects the other sides into two distinct points, divides those sides in proportion.

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