Coordinate Geometry

When was the last time you asked for directions to reach somewhere? Don’t we all just use the GPS and navigation on our phones? So what if I told you, that we wouldn’t have these amazing tools without coordinate geometry! The grids of latitudes and longitudes we use for GPS are completely based on Coordinate Geometry. So let us learn a few other interesting concepts with regard to coordinate geometry.

FAQs on Coordinate Geometry

Question 1: State the formula of coordinate geometry?

Answer: One of the important formula of coordinate geometry is the equation of the straight line which is y = mx + c. Here m is the slope and c is the y-intercept (tan θ = m, here θ is the angle that the line makes with the positive x-axis).

Question 2: What is the main difference between coordinate geometry and geometry?

Answer: Primarily, the classical Euclidean geometry is about points, circles, and lines. Whereas coordinate geometry is about ordered pairs (x.y), lines which are given by equations such as ax + by + c = 0 and circles by equations (x – a)2 + (y – b)2 = r2

Question 3: Explain what is a slope in coordinate geometry?

Answer: Slope of a line is a number that measures the “steepness,” usually denoted by the letter m. Furthermore, it is the change in y for a unit change in x along the line.

Question 4: Why is coordinate geometry important?

Answer: It is an extremely important technique for solving mathematical problems. It helps to point a position in space that is often denoted by a set of numbers. Such as (x, y) in two-dimensional space.

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