Heron’s Formula

In day to days life, we have many objects of the shape of a triangle. For example, can you find the area of the top triangular surface of a pizza slice? Well, to find the surface area or the area of a triangular land, for example, we can use Heron’s formula. It can also be used to find the area of a triangular park etc. Let us study this in detail.


FAQs on Heron’s Formula

Question 1: Who found Heron’s formula?

Answer: The person who found Heron’s Formula was Heron of Alexandria. He was an Engineer and Mathematician in 10 – 70 AD from Greece. He was the one who founded the area of a triangle in terms of its lengths and the sides of it.

Question 2: Why is Heron’s formula used?

Answer: We use Heron’s Formula for finding the area of a triangle by making use of the sides in place of needing the height of it. In other words, if you are not aware of the angles of the triangle, you will find it tough to find the height. However, with Heron’s Formula, you can do it easily without needing the height.

Question 3: What does S mean in Heron’s formula?

Answer: As we use this formula to find out the area of a triangle by making use of the 3 side lengths of it, we see that in the general formula, S stands for semi-perimeter of the triangle.

Question 4: What is an Equilateral Triangle?

Answer: An equilateral triangle is where all the sides of it are equal in length. Thus, we call it an Equilateral triangle. All the angles of this triangle equal 60°.

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