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What is volume? Suppose you have a cylindrical jar and you want to know how many beans will fit inside the jar, or many you have a box and you want to know how many pencils will fit inside the box, what you are really measuring here is the volume.  If you want to know how much space something takes up, you are just measuring the volume of the three-dimensional object. Let us now see what is volume and how is it calculated. Let us see what it really means.

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What is Volume?

Volume is the quantity that all three-dimensional object has. It is the space occupied by an object.

The Volume

Can you guess which vessel has the greatest volume? From the above figure, we can say that the first vessel holds three litres of water. The second vessel holds one litre of water while the third vessel holds two litres of water.

So the vessel which holds more water has a greater volume than others. This means the first vessel has the greatest volume as compared to others.

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Volume of Objects

Do you know how do you find the volume of the object using a measuring cylinder? Let us find the answer to this.

what is volume

Take a cylinder and fill it water. Now take the object and dip it into the cylinder which is filled with water. You can see that the volume of the displaced object is noted. So that volume of the displaced water is equal to the volume of the object.

Comparing Volume of Objects

Let us compare the volume of objects based on the capacity of holding water. For example,

Suppose there are two objects. A jar and a bucket. The jar has the capacity of holding 2.5 litres of water while the capacity of the bucket is to hold 5 litres of water.  Which object do you think will hold the greater amount of water? Is it the jar or the bucket? As we know the jar holds 2.5 litres of water whereas the bucket can hold 5 litres of water.

So can you guess the volume of the jar and the bucket? We can say that the volume of the jar is 2. 5 litres and the volume of the bucket is 5 litres. Thus this makes it clear that the bucket has the higher volume.

Volume of Cubes

Take a dice and let us find out the dimensions of the cube. Take a scale and measure the length of the dice, say it measures 1cm. Now, measure the height of the dice, it also measures 1cm. Can you guess the width of the dice? Yes, it also measures 1cm.

So the volume of the dice will be,

Volume = length × width × height

= 1 cm  × 1 cm  × 1 cm

= 1 cm3

Solved Examples for You

Question 1: Calculate the volume of an object given in the figure, where each small cubes has volume 4 cubic units.

what is volulme

  1. 16 cubic units
  2. 32 cubic units
  3. 48 cubic units
  4. 52 cubic units

Answer : D is the correct option. The volume of an object given in the figure is 52 cubic units.

Question 2: Jabu is building a new flower bed and is using a bucket to carry soil from another part of the garden to the new bed. He knows his bucket has a capacity of 10 litres. If he has 300 litres of soil, and for each trip, he fills the bucket to the top, how many trips will Jabu have to make with a bucket?

  1. 10
  2. 20
  3. 30
  4. 40

Answer : C is the correct option. The trips Jabu has to make with a bucket is 40.

Question 3: What is the volume in math?

Answer: In math, we define the volume as the 3-dimensional space which a boundary encloses or occupies in an item. For instance, we can determine the volume of cuboids by cubic units.

Question 4: What the difference between volume and capacity?

Answer: While volume refers to space which an object takes up, the capacity is the measure of the object’s capability to hold material, like solid, liquid or gas. We measure volume in cubic units while capacity in every other unit like litres, gallons, pounds and more.

Question 5: How do you measure the volume of water?

Answer: When you wish to measure the volume of water, you need to first see the shape of the vessel that contains water. In order to calculate the volume for a square of a rectangular vessel, we need to know the length, width and depth for entry into the volume equation. The equation is V=L_W_D. Over here, the L means length, W means width and D is the depth.

Question 6: What is the volume of a cube?

Answer: The volume of a cube is the side times side. As each side of the square is the same, it may just be the length of one side cubed. For instance, if a square has one side that equals 4 inches, then the volume is going to be 4 inches times 4 inches, or 64 cubic inches.

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