Introduction to Graphs

What are the graphs? Graphs are nothing but the chart that helps us to convey the information and yes of course to make sense of the data. A graph of different kinds can be applied in many ways. Let us study the graphs and its types in detail. Let’s start with an introduction to the bar and linear graphs and the pie charts.

FAQ on Introduction to Graphs

Question 1: What are a graph and an example?

Answer: A graph refers to a diagram which shows us the relationships between two or more things. Thus, a pie chart is an example of a graph.

Question 2: What is a graph in graph theory?

Answer: Graph theory refers to the study of graphs that are mathematical structures which we use to model pairwise relations between objects. Thus, in this context, a graph is made up of vertices which we also refer to as nodes or points which we also connect by edges also named links or lines.

Question 3: Why do we use graphs in math?

Answer:  Graphs are a common way to visually demonstrate relationships in the data. A graph’s purpose is to present data which are too many or complicated to be described sufficiently in the text plus in less space.

Question 4: What is a bar graph?

Answer: A bar graph is one which presents categorical data having rectangular bars with heights or lengths proportional to the values which they are representing. We can plot the bars horizontally or vertically. We also refer to a vertical bar chart to also as a column chart.

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