Linear Equations in One Variable

You must have often come across mathematical expressions involving variables to be solved. The expressions with only one variable are called Linear Equations in one variable. For example, the variable ‘a’ or ‘x’ etc that is the unknown quantity in a maths problem. Let us now study more about this type of equations in detail.

FAQs on Linear Equations in One Variable:

Question 1: What is the linear equation in one variable? Explain with an appropriate example.

Answer: The linear equations in one variable is known as an equation that we express in the form of ‘ax+b = 0’, Here, ‘a’ and ‘b’ are the 2 integers and ‘x’ is a variable with a single solution. For instance, ‘2x + 3 = 8’ is a linear equation comprising a single variable in it. So, this equation is having only one solution, that is ‘x = 5/2’.

Question 2: What amount of solutions can a linear equation in one variable contain?

Answer: Each and every linear equation which is also a conditional equation comprises a single solution. However, not all the linear equation in one variable comprises a single solution.

Question 3: What a nonlinear equation is known as?

Answer: A structure or the system of nonlinear equations is generally a system having 2 or more equations in 2 or more variables comprising at least one equation which is not a linear equation.

Question 4: How to solve a 2 step linear equation?

Answer: For solving a 2 step linear equation, firstly, we have to add or subtract to get all the terms which contain the variable on one side of the equation and all the terms that are the numerical values on the opposite side. After this, we have to divide each side with the number multiplied with the variable for getting the solution of the equation.

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