Suppose you want to put a boundary around your garden or field. For that, you need to find out the length of the boundary. Also, what if you want to find out the area and volume of different geometrical shapes. So this is something we are going to see in his chapter. So let us study the topic mensuration and mensuration formulas in detail.

Question. Explain the use of mensuration in daily life?

Answer. The uses of mensuration in real life are many. Some of these uses are as follows:

  • Measurement of agricultural fields, and site areas for the purpose of purchase/selling transactions.
  • Measurement of volumes for packaging solid food items, milk, and liquids.
  • Measurements of surface areas for the purpose of estimating the painting of houses etc.

Question. What is meant by mensuration?

Answer. Mensuration refers to the branch of mathematics which involves the study of various geometrical shapes. Furthermore, it deals with the areas and Volume of such geometrical figures. So, this subject is all about the process of measurement.

Question. Explain what is the volume in mensuration?

Answer. Any solid occupies some region in space. Furthermore, the magnitude of this region is known as the volume of the solid. A standard unit of volume happens to be the cubic centimetre.

Question. What do we understand by mensuration formula?

Answer. A mensuration formula helps in computing the length-related properties of an object. This computation takes place on the basis of known lengths, areas, etc. Beyer (1987) came forward with a collection of mensuration formulas for the various plane and geometric figures.





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