Number Systems

What is a number line? And how exactly are numbers represented on this line? Well, the manner of the representation of numbers on a number line is what we call a number system. Let us find out some more interesting concepts about number systems.

FAQs on Number Systems:

Question 1: Give an appropriate example of the number system?

Answer: The number 10001 signifies (1 X 24) + (0 X 23) + (0 X 22) + (0 X 21) + (1 X 20), or 16 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 1, or 17. The number system shows a valuable set of the numerical values that contains natural numbers, real numbers, irrational numbers, rational numbers, integers, etc.

Question 2: How many types of number systems are there?

Answer: There are four types of Number Systems and these are as follows:

  1. Binary.
  2. Decimal.
  3. Octal.
  4. Hexadecimal.

Question 3: What is the importance of the number system?

Answer: The number system is essential because it is equal to the base. The base is normally an integer bigger than the multiplicative identity.

Question 4: What is the real number system in mathematics?

Answer: Mathematically, a real number system is a value of an uninterrupted quantity that can denote a distance along a line in continuity.

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