Polynomials are mathematical expressions with any number of variables and coefficients. They find applications in various fields of Maths and Science. Moreover, polynomials have their own set of laws and rules for arithmetics. In this chapter, we will learn everything about a polynomial and its applications.

FAQs on Polynomials

Question 1: Explain the polynomial function with the help of an example?

Answer: A single independent variable, in which variables can appear more than once, raised to an integer power is known as a polynomial function. For instance, the function, f(x) = 8 × 4 – 4 × 3 +3 × 2 – 2x + 22.

Question 2: State what are not polynomials?

Answer: All the integers and variables that have a negative exponent, a fraction exponent, contains a division which is not solvable then it not a polynomial. However, those numbers which can’t be expressed using addition, multiplication, and subtraction are not polynomials.

Question 3: State the different type of polynomials?

Answer: Basically there are three types of polynomials namely: Monomial, Binomial, and trinomial. In addition, monomials represent the polynomials that have one, unlike term. Binomial represent the polynomial that has two unlike terms and Trinomial are those polynomials that have three, unlike terms.

Question 4: Is pi polynomial?

Answer: Generally, pi is not considered a polynomial because it is a value that refers to the circumference of a circle. Then again, polynomial refers to an equation that contains four variables or more. Moreover, pi is a fraction that cannot be completely solved.

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