Shapes and Angles

Are you aware of the types of shapes that you observe in the things around you? What is the shape of your mobile phone or the laptop screen? Is a coin circular in shape? All these figures include angles in between their sides or curves. Let’s study more about the shapes in maths and the angles in our real lives.

FAQ on Shapes and Angles

Question 1: What is shape?

Answer: Shape refers to the external form of a thing or the appearance of it. A figure can be composed of different types of shapes. We can broadly classify figures as open or closed. Thus, open figures are ones that do not end where they start. On the other hand, close figures are ones figures that start and end at the same point.

Question 2: What are polygons are classified in?

Answer: We classify polygons into Regular and Irregular Polygons. A regular polygon is one in which all sides and all angles are equal. Thus, the sum of all interior angles of a regular polygon = 180° × (n − 2). Over here, n is the number of sides. On the other hand, an irregular polygon is one where all sides and all angles are not equal.

Question 3: What are quadrilaterals?

Answer: A closed figure which is bounded by four line segments is referred to as a quadrilateral. A quadrilateral consists of four sides, four vertices, and four angles. There are several kinds of quadrilateral like rhombus, trapezoid and more.

Question 4: How do you measure an angle?

Answer: In order to measure an angle, we need to place the center of the protractor at the fixed point, say A of the angle at one of the arm. Then, the other arm shows the degree of the angle when we measure it from the initial arm in an anti-clockwise manner.

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