Ways to Multiply and Divide

Do you know that we use multiplication and division many times in our daily lives? Suppose your birthday is coming soon and you want to get chocolates. You will have to multiply how much chocolates each of your friends are getting. To understand the concept of multiplication and division let us scroll the article given below.

FAQS on Ways to Multiply and Divide

Question 1: What does it mean to multiply in math?

Answer: To multiply, in math, refers to adding equal groups. When anyone multiplies, there is an increase in the number of things in the group.

Question 2: How can one multiply digits?

Answer: To multiply large numbers, first of all, one must stack the first number on top of the second number. Then one must multiply each digit belonging to the bottom number by the top number. This should take place from right to left. So, first multiply the top number by the ones digit belonging to the bottom number.

Question 3: Can we say the multiply means times?

Answer: A mathematical operation whose performance takes place on a pair of numbers results in the derivation of a third number known as a product. For positive integers, multiplication involves the addition of a number (the multiplicand) to itself a particular number of times. Therefore, multiplying 6 by 3 means the addition of 6 to itself a total of three times.

Question 4: What number, on multiplication by itself will give the number 64?

Answer: The number 8 on multiplication by itself will give the number 64.

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