How to Use Podcasts in the Classroom

As we explore online learning trends in the current era of digital learning, there is a new technique making waves in the classrooms today-Podcasts. We know podcasts predominantly as a source of entertainment. However, podcasts have evolved into effective online learning tools as well. In fact, teachers are now exploring the usage of podcasts in the classroom.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is basically audio content based on specific categories of information. It covers a variety of content which includes educational content as well. 

Why Use Podcast in Classroom?

As podcasts are yet to catch on in Indian classrooms, they are gradually penetrating the teaching sector as tools for learning. Using podcasts in the classroom serves the following purposes:

  • It helps students focus better as the audio content is designed to retain attention.
  • It makes the concepts easy to understand.
  • Podcasts usually have audio effects which make lessons more engaging.
  • Podcasts cover important topics in lesser duration of time.
  • Podcasts encourage students to sharpen their listening skills.

How to Use Podcasts in Classroom Setup?

Teaching material is usually imagined as a bulky set of books and papers. But with podcasts, teaching material can be simplified and made easy for students to grasp . Here are some ways of using podcasts in the classroom:

  • Research on Podcasts

Educators must make time to listen to good quality podcasts that are suited for students. 

The amount of accessible podcast content is massive, and will definitely need shortlisting.

Pick podcasts that are based on subject matter like Physics, Chemistry, and the likes. 

There are several podcast channels that are designed with concept-based topics for students. Some of the categories of podcasts that are available on streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts are mentioned below:

  1. Health
  2. Kids and Family
  3. Government and Organizations
  4. Games and Hobbies
  5. Science and Medicine
  • Choose the Right Podcast

Gather the topics that would aid students in grasping your subject better. Make a list of podcast content that resonates with your students.Choose informative podcasts that are short and to the point so that students do not get bored. Also note, not all podcasts are student-friendly. So, ensure that you listen to the entire podcast before you present it to the students in class.

  • Make the Podcast  Easily Accessible

Podcasts are basically like radio on demand. They are easily available on mobile devices, desktops and laptops. Podcasts stream on music streaming platforms and may have ads streaming during the episodes. If possible, download podcasts and time them accordingly to make it student-friendly. To make them easily accessible to students, circulate the links with parents so that students can use them as effective learning materials.

  • Schedule Podcast Challenges

Using podcasts in the classroom is a fresh and challenging way of learning. However, podcasts require a significant amount of research and study. Challenging students to create their own podcast will encourage them to delve deeper into the subject. Creating podcasts in the classroom will also compel them to listen to more informative content.

  • Conduct quizzes based on the podcasts

After presenting a podcast to your class, you may assess their grasp of the concept with quizzes based on the podcast. Creating podcasts in the classroom will thereby help inculcate the importance of paying attention. As podcasts are audio-only formats, you can even ask your students to close their eyes and listen to them for better understanding. 

Podcasts started back in 2004 and have now become learning tools for students of all age groups. Effective, free-of-cost and engaging – the idea of the creative classroom podcast has proven to be the simplest ways of learning. Online platforms for teachers like SuperTeacher, are encouraging the teaching community to upgrade their teaching methods using podcasts and other digital tools. If incorporated with care, podcasts in the classroom can make subjects exciting to learn.

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