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9 Best Python IDEs and Code Editors

Before knowing about the best IDEs, it is imperative to know what an IDE is and how does it work? An IDE refers to an Integrated Development Environment. It is a program to aid in software development. As the name suggests, IDEs are responsible for integrating multiple tools that help in software development. Learn about python ide here. 

These tools comprise the following-

  1. Editors that are designed to handle the code written by programmers. Certain features of code editors are auto-completion of the lines of code and highlighting parts of the syntax.
  2. Tools that help in debugging, building, and executing the code.
  3. A tool that allows source control

Generally, IDEs are meant to support multiple programming languages. In some cases, IDEs might contain more features than the above basic features. As a result, IDEs have a large size and may take some time to download and install. However, you might need proper training and knowledge to be able to use the IDEs in the best way possible.

python ide



IDLE is a Python IDE (integrated development environment) that has been included with the language’s default implementation since version 1.5.2b1. The IDLE module is included in the Python installer for Windows by default. Many Linux distributions include it as an optional element of the Python package or users can download it for their systems by following a few easy steps. IDLE is written entirely in Python and uses the Tkinter GUI toolkit. Some of the distinctive features of IDLE include: 

  • IDLE, like Python Shell, can be used to execute a single statement.
  • It is also widely used to develop, alter, and run Python scripts. 
  • IDLE contains a full-featured text editor with syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and adaptive indent for writing Python scripts. 
  • IDLE also has a debugger for keeping the codes error-free, complete with stepping and breakpoints. 

Sublime Text 3 

Sublime Text 3 is a cross-platform Python IDE developed by a Google engineer. It is developed across C++ and python and has basic, built-in support for python coding. The features that make this text editor stand out are its speed and flexibility. Programmers can easily customize the program as per their needs and even go ahead to develop a full-fledged python development platform. 

It also allows users to install packages for debugging, auto-completion, code linting, etc. Sublime text 3 also offers an instant project switch, i.e. users can easily switch from one project to another with a simple command. The switch occurs instantaneously and does not require the user to manually save the modification in the previous program. Sublime text IDE automatically takes care of that and restores all the previous modifications when you open the file again. Downloading this python IDE is also fairly simple. Users can find it for free online. 


When it comes to the Python programming language, Atom is the greatest python IDE.  Atom is a free, open-source, multi-platform text editor or integrated development environment (IDE) specifically built for python coders. The Atom python IDE includes NodeJS packages and embedded Git management. The majority of the packages are open-source and created by open-source communities.

It is developed and maintained by GitHub and is a desktop application built with web technology. The majority of the packages in the atom IDE are open-source and created by open-source teams. GitHub created and maintains this IDE leveraging the Electron framework and web technologies. 

Atom doesn’t have any unique characteristics in the conventional sense; instead, it creates packages that hold data in its hackable core. Code lines, auto-complete, and code highlights are all included in these packages. Atom also offers the feature of autocompleting programs. Once a programmer reaches a specific point in the code, Atom IDE shares suggestions of the various possible programs. Users can select the program they want to add and auto-complete it with a single click. Downloading and using the Atom IDE by python is also straightforward. Atom will launch directly in the default directory after it has been installed successfully.


Thonny is a free Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that was created specifically for new Python programmers. It has several modes for moving through the code, including step-by-step expression evaluation, thorough call stack visualization, and a mode for introducing the concepts of referencing.

This python IDE also contains an integrated debugger that comes in handy when you run into severe issues, as well as the capacity to execute step-through expression assessment and plenty of other cool features. These several features offered with Thonny help beginners write better codes. Some other cool features of the Thonny IDE for python are listed below:

  • It also helps users keep a check on variables by highlighting variables with the same names that may not necessarily have the same functions. 
  • Another cool feature of python IDE, Thonny, is that it offers code completion for APIs. 
  • This python IDE examines code for bracket matching and also highlights and faults or errors in code.
  • Its debugger is simple to use because it doesn’t require any prior understanding of breakpoints.
  • It allows users to step into a function call by displaying the code pointer and providing information about local variables.
  • It provides a simple package installation interface. Thus, making it ideal for beginners.

Thonny is regularly updated, and new features are added regularly.


It is a popular integrated development environment (IDE) employed in computer programming, especially for the Python language. It is designed by the Czech company JetBrains. The main features of this python IDE constitute code analysis, syntax and error highlighting, a graphical debugger, Project and code navigation, an integrated unit tester, quick jumping between files, classes, methods, and usages, Python refactoring, Integrated unit testing, integration with version control systems, Google App Engine Python development and support for scientific tools such as matplotlib, NumPy and scipy.

Furthermore, besides supporting web development with Django, it also backs data science with Anaconda. PyCharm is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux versions. It gives an API that is instrumental as developers can write their plugins to expand PyCharm attributes. Several plugins from other JetBrains IDE are also compatible with PyCharm. There are no less than 1000 plugins that are consistent with PyCharm.


Vim, an abbreviation of Vi IMproved, is a free-of-charge and open-source software. The drafting of this particular python IDE is such that it can operate both from a command-line interface and as a separate program in a graphical user interface. It is an extremely adaptive text editor developed to devise a way of creating and changing any text in a well-structured manner.

It is incorporated as “vi” with the majority of UNIX systems along with Apple OS X. Vim is a steady-going python IDE and is incessantly being expanded to become even better. Its attributes are persistence, multi-level undo tree, substantial plugin system, aid for several programming languages and file formats, high-powered search and replace, and integration with many tools.


Spyder is an open-source and free of cost environment that has been written in Python to be used for python and handed down to the world by and for scientists, developers, and data analysts. This unique python IDE attributes an exclusive composition of the Avant-garde editing, analysis, debugging, and profiling functionality of an all-inclusive development tool with the data research, interactive implementation, extensive exploration, and appealing visualization abilities of a scientific package.

Apart from its several implicit attributes, the potential of this python IDE can be expanded even more through its plugin system and API. Adding on, Spyder can also be utilized as a PyQt5 extension library. It allows us to construct upon its functionality and embed its components, viz the interactive console, in one’s software. Its core components include Editor, Interactive console, Documentation viewer, Variable explorer, Development tools. The initial design of Spyder was by Pierre Raybaut and is currently carried on by Carlos Córdoba and an international group of volunteers.

Visual Studio Code: 

It is a public-domain source-code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Its many attributes comprise help for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, along nested Git.  It also has an adjustable theme, keyboard shortcuts, preferences, and various extensions. You can install the above extensions that will make the studio more compatible.

You can use Visual Studio for several programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, Go, Node.js, Python, and C++. Visual Studio Code permits the users to access many directories simultaneously that may be saved for further reference. Hence, it helps it in working as a language-agnostic code editor for most of the languages. The unnecessary files and folders can be shut out from the project tree from the settings. A number of its attributes are not revealed via menus or the user interface. However, we can access those through the command palette.

Q & A

Q: Which IDE is better for Python?

A: PyCharm is the most commonly used IDE by programmers and industry specialists.

Q: What is an IDE in Python?

A: An IDE refers to an Integrated Development Environment. Programmers can use the IDEs for creating web applications and software development. An IDE also helps in debugging the program.

Q: Which IDE is best for Python beginners?

A:  For a beginner, it is critical to select a Python IDE that has the auto-complete and syntax highlighting features. These features make it easier for the programmer. A few Python IDEs that you can choose are Atom, Pycharm, and Spyder.

Q: Is PyCharm the best IDE?

A: Most experts from the industry prefer to use Pycharm as their Python IDE. As it is an intelligent code editor that works on Linux, macOS, and Windows, it is one of the best IDEs for Python.

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