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Do you remember your school times? You may have written some leave applications. Also, during your college days, you would have written some letters. You had written application letters, letters for food quality of college mess, improving the furniture of classroom etc. To whom you had written these letters? Your principal, class teachers, or persons in responsibility. In the business world also, you need to write some letters to your management teams. You can write regarding your promotion, transfer, food quality in the canteen. Also, you can inform them about your leave. These are some of the management representation letters. In this section, we will study the management representation letter.

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Management Representation Letter

A letter written to the management group from an individual is a management representation letter. The person within the organization writes the letter to the organization. It serves as a permanent record in an organization. Through the management representation letter, one can write their cause to the management. The various management representation letters are suggestions for transfers, representation against transfer, holiday leave, promotion letter etc.

The format of Management Representation Letter

There is a fixed format of a management representation letter.


The very part of the letter is Date. One should write the date in any format.


One should write the sender’s name and address after mentioning the date.


Below the sender’s details, one should write the receiver’s name and address.


One should clearly mention the reason for writing a letter.


It contains the words to greet the recipient. Proper greeting and salutation empresses the reader. One can use words like Dear, Respected or Sir/Ma’am etc.

Content or Body of the Letter

It is the main part of the letter. It includes the actual message of the sender. The main body of the management representation must be clear and simple to understand. A body of the letter is basically divided into three main categories.

Opening Part

The first paragraph of the letter must state the introduction of the writer.

Main Part

This paragraph states the main idea or the reason for writing. It must be clear, concise, complete, and to the point.

Concluding Part

It is the conclusion of the letter. It shows the suggestions or the need of the action. The closing of the letter shows the expectation of the sender from the recipient. Always end the letter by courteous words like thanking you, warm regards, look forward to hearing from your side etc.

Complimentary Close

It is a humble way of ending a letter. It is written in accordance with the salutation. The most generally used complimentary close are Yours faithfully, Yours sincerely, and Thanks & Regards.

Signature and Writer’s Identification

It includes signature, name, and designation of the sender. It can also include other details like contact number, address etc. The signature is handwritten just above the name of the sender.

management representation letter

Points to Remember

A management representation letter is a request letter. There are some important points related to it. Let us get ourselves familiar with them.

  • The tone for writing this letter is polite.
  • The content must be clear and to the point.
  • Avoid slags and abbreviation.
  • One should use formal and straightforward words and language.

Solved Example for You

Problem: A person writes a management representation letter. What are the possible ways in which the management can reply to them?

Solution: The management could reject the request of the letter. It may give a reply or say that they are considering the request. The management could accept the request of the letter.

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