Introduction to Basic Writing

Writing Skills

Have you ever wondered how chefs get to know about cooking? They may have learned some cooking from their parents or by watching TV or reading recipe books. Also, they have to practice a lot in their kitchens. They gradually develop this skill of cooking. Similarly, in the art of writing, there are some skills too. We use these skills to make our write-ups interesting and organized. In this section, we will learn some of the writing skills.

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Writing Skills

Writing is an art of expressing our thought and views. And, we cannot write something in an unorganized manner. Language is a medium of communicating our ideas, thoughts or feeling in the form of speech or writing.

writing skills

The chefs know the various techniques and the procedure or the steps of cooking food. Similarly, we also have to know the techniques or the formats of writing along with the writing skills. We develop our writing ability all along our childhood. For example, in our childhood, we first learned to write alphabets then we learned to write words. Then, gradually we get the knowledge of writing sentences.

In content writing also, there are certain levels or writing skills which we need to get ourselves familiar with. Writing content is not an easy task, as it demands correct grammatical usage, fine vocabulary, sentence structures, and other writing techniques.

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Developing Writing Skills

It is easy for one to think or generate some ideas or opinions. Now, the main task is the presentation of those ideas and thoughts in an organized and logical way. Also, the main task for a writer is to make a reader indulge in his or her writings. Below are some of the writing skills which you can use to improve your writing:

  • Learn to write good sentences
  • Try to add more flavours to your writing such as use engaging words instead of bland phrases
  • Make your writing more conversational. For instance, add some questions to it. Let the readers feel that they are in some situation
  • Use the paragraph style of writing because writing whole content in a paragraph bores the reader
  • The transition or the shift from one paragraph to another or from one line to another must be a smooth ride. So that a connection is made in between the lines
  • Learn the use of voices or speech for effective writing
  • Use proper punctuations, correct spellings and develop fine vocabulary
  • Avoid slang, jargon, fancy words, and abbreviations
  • Practice daily and try to improve yourself by reading others’ writing and try to find out the missing charisma in yours’
  • Apply a structured process – plan, draft, edit, and format
  • Find out the audience for the article and, try to engage the audience by using simple, clear, empathy words
  • Never lose the essence of your assertion
  • Try to get familiar with the relevant software and platforms

Importance of Writing Skills

  • Writing is a medium of communication, and writing skills help a person to express ideas, opinions, and thoughts in an easy and clear way.
  • It is used for any type of communication. Such as personal and official communication
  • It helps to develop and compose any type of writing contents
  • Also, it helps in bringing clarity and creativity in our writing

Steps for Writing

By just using fine vocabulary and developing writing skills, one cannot make a content presentable. Therefore, there are some rules and formats for writing contents. There are some steps for writing which we need to follow to improve your writing.

writing skills

Choose a Topic

The very first step of writing content is to choose and decide a topic on which we want to write. Now, the topic can be anything from a burning issue to a sensitive point or any official matter. So, we need to have a clear understanding of the topic which we want to write.

Research and Collection of Information

After knowing the topic, the next step is to research as much as possible and collect relatable information. Collect and note all the random thoughts, ideas, information related to it. Most importantly, research the concerning audience and try to find what they want. Identify the main theme of the content.

Organizing Content

The next step after noting down the information is to organize them in a proper sequence. Creating an outline of the write up helps in appropriately organizing the content. This is because, sometimes, when the article is long enough, outlines help to identify the order and help in breaking the paragraphs to get meaningful information.


This is the main task for a writer. Always use simple and direct language for your article. The choice of words, the division of the paragraphs, the use of headings or subtitles, facts, and figures create a huge impact on the reader’s mind. Also, try to put the cause and effect, or comparison and contrast, or problem and solution style of writing.


Do not assume that the first write up is the final one, as you need to revise your content. Such as, adding or deleting, reorganizing your matter.

Editing and Proof Reading

Once you finish your writing, it is the time to do editing, formatting, and proof-reading. For instance, check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, voices, speech, and sentence formation, and other errors.

Also, check for commonly misused words like ‘affect’ and ‘effect’, ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, ‘it is’ or ‘it’s’, some plural or possessive words.

Publishing and Printing

It is the immediate step one needs to undertake once they’re ready with the final draft of their writing. Once, the document is ready it is the time for printing or publishing or putting it on a website for readers.

Solved Example on Writing Skills

Problem: Proof-read the following sentences.

  1. It was mind after all who does the work of the world.
  2. he was a brahmin she the Rajput.
  3. We should be devout and humble cheerful and serene.
  4. high or low rich and poor wise and fool might all die.


  1. It is mind, after all, which does the work of the world.
  2. He was a Brahmin; she, a Rajput.
  3. We should be devout and humble, cheerful and serene.
  4. High and low, rich and poor, wise and foolish, must all die.
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