Writing Formal Mails

Essential Elements of Mails

Mail writing helps you to obtain detailed information and the noted details regarding any kind of query that you have. Suppose you want to join an actuarial course, but you are not sure of which institute to join. Hence, you want to ask some queries regarding the courses with some of the institutions.

How will you do so? You can call them and ask your queries. But will you remember all the points and the details told by them? What if you want to have a written record of them? You can do so by writing mail. In this section, we will learn about mail writing and the various elements of mail writing.

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Mail Writing

Mail writing is a way of communicating between two or more persons. It is permanent as well as written communication. Mail writing is not always meant for business communication. It is also for a friend, family member or an unknown person. Writing mail is a very flexible medium and has a variety of purposes.

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Steps of Mail Writing

For an informal mail writing, one can use any language or style of speech of his or her choice. This is totally dependent on the choice of the writer and the person for which the mail is written. For a formal mail writing, one has to focus on the language and other details for a clear and unambiguous mail. The format for writing a mail whether a formal or not must be followed.

The steps of writing mail are

  1. Begin with a greeting
  2. Thank the recipient
  3. State your purpose
  4. Add closing remarks
  5. End with a closing salutation

Elements of Mail Writing

Mail writing either formal or informal has some elements. A basic mail must include these elements for a clear understanding. These elements are

  • From
  • To
  • Cc
  • Bcc
  • Subject
  • Greeting / Salutation
  • Main body
  • Closing
  • Attachments
  • Signature Line

Let us study these in detail.

The Format of Mail Writing


This is the place that shows the name of the person sending the mail.


This shows the name of the recipient.


It stands for Carbon Copy. It is that portion of the mail that is used to send the same mail to other individuals. The email ids of other individuals are visible to all.


It stands for Blank Carbon Copy. It is that portion of the mail which is used to send the same mail to other individuals without showing their ids.


This shows the title of the mail. It clearly expresses the idea or the reason for mail writing. It should be clear, simple, and short.

Greeting / Salutation

Mail writing always starts by greeting the recipient. Basic greeting words are Dear, Respected, Hello, Hi, etc.

Main body

It contains the main content of the mail. The main body of the mail must be clear and simple to understand. The first paragraph in writing a mail must state the main idea or the reason for writing. Below are the paragraphs which show other details for mail writing. The body of the mail is categorized into:

  • Introduction
  • Matter in detail
  • Conclusion


It shows the conclusion of the mail writing. It basically shows the suggestions or the need of the action. The closing of the mail shows the expectation of the sender from the recipient. Always end your mail by courteous words like thanking you, warm regards, look forward to hearing from your side etc.

mail writing


It is the list of the documents attached with the mail.

Signature Line

It includes the signature, name, and designation of the sender. It can also include other details like contact number, address, etc.

Solved Examples on Mail writing

Problem: The signature in mail writing must capture all necessary contact details

  1. Sometimes
  2. No
  3. Yes. It makes it easier for the recipient to reach out to you.
  4. It is not important.

Solution: c. Yes. It makes it easier for the recipient to reach out to you.


Problem: Font used in writing mail should be

  1. Bold and all capital alphabets
  2. Colorful and fancy
  3. Bright colors, easy to read.
  4. Black in color, easy to read, capital alphabets only where required

Solution: d. Black in color, easy to read, capital alphabets only where required.

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