Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Types of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the driving force of a country’s economy. They are the innovators and the investors that promote the economic development of the nation. But not all entrepreneurs are the same, they all have some defining characteristics and personality traits that make them different. Here we will learn about the types of entrepreneurs.

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Types of Entrepreneurs

Starting a business all on your own is a very difficult task. An entrepreneur needs to have a lot of skills and knowledge to get the business off the ground. But if the kind of business the entrepreneur is setting up matches with his personality his nature, then the job becomes somewhat easier.

So identifying your skills, characteristics and personality traits can help an entrepreneur also identify the type of business he should start. Each of these types of entrepreneurs will enjoy success if they remain true to their characters. Let us see some of the most common types of entrepreneurs.

Types of Entrepreneurs

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1. Idealist

An idealist is one of the most common types of entrepreneurs. He is generally innovative and creative by nature. His idealistic nature usually guides his innovative spirit to pursue his entrepreneurship dreams. And such idealist entrepreneurs are also optimistic by nature.

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2. Optimizer

These are the entrepreneurs that see the glass as half full. They have a very positive outlook on life and this optimistic nature of their reflects in their business as well. They are also usually content with owning a business, they derive personal satisfaction from it.

3. Hard Workers

While all types of entrepreneurs work hard for their respective business, this is a special kind of hard worker. As the name suggests, these are the entrepreneurs that put maximum effort to ensure their business succeeds.

They do not mind the long hours and the toil involved with building a business. They constantly challenge themselves and work endlessly to ensure the growth of their business.

4. Improver

These types of entrepreneurs have a noble cause to start their business – to improve or better the world in some way. They wish to run a moral and ethical business. Such entrepreneurs are very ethical. They will not adopt means that harm the cause in the search for higher profits.

5. Visionary

These are the entrepreneurs that are the founding members of the business. It was their vision and objectives that were followed to build the business. These people have the ability to accurately gauge the future and are also generally curious by nature. They are the original thinkers of the business.

6. Analyst

And finally the analysts. These are the problem solvers. They analyze the problems and complications and find the most suitable and cheap solutions. They are critical thinkers and logical people by nature. Also, complicated businesses suit them since they are not bothered by too many complications.

7. Jugglers

A juggler is an entrepreneur that likes to handle everything by himself. They are energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who do not believe in having too many employees or help. So they handle everything from ensuring project finance to paying the daily bills.

Solved Question on Types of Entrepreneurs

Q: Give a brief description of the following types of entrepreneurs:

  1. Sustainer: Entrepreneurs that manage to keep the work-life balance healthy
  2. Superstar: An entrepreneur with a strong personality and a lot of charisma. They build their business around their personal brand
  3. Artiste: The creatively inclined entrepreneurs.
  4. Fireball: These entrepreneurs have a very energetic presence. This translates to their business as well which is very lively and optimistic.
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