What is Personal Selling?

Have you noticed different salesmen come to your house to sell different products and services? This is an example of personal selling. So, personal selling refers to a face-to-face product selling method.

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Personal Selling Process

Personal Selling

Personal selling happens when companies and business firms send out their salesmen to use the sale force and sell the products and services by meeting the consumer face – to – face. The salesmen aim to inform and encourage the customer to buy, or at least try the product.

Personal Selling Examples

For example, salesmen go to different societies to sell the products. Another example is found in department stores on the perfume and cosmetic counters, wherein agents of the company try to sell their products. A customer can get advice on how to apply the product and can try different products. Products with relatively high prices, or with complex features, are often sold using personal selling. Great examples include cars, office equipment (e.g. photocopiers) and many products that are sold by businesses to other industrial customers.

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Advantages of Personal Selling

  • It is two-way communication. So the selling agent can get instant feedback from the prospective buyer. If it is not according to plan he can even adjust his approach or sales presentation accordingly.
  • Since it is an interactive form of selling, it helps build trust with the customer. When you are selling high-value products like cars, it is important that the customer trusts not only the product but the seller also. This is possible in personal selling.
  • It also is a more persuasive form of marketing. Since the customer is face to face with the salesperson it is not easy to dismiss them. The customer at least makes an effort to listen.
  • Finally, direct selling helps reach the audience that we cannot reach in any other form. There are sometimes customers that cannot be reached by any other method.

Disadvantages of Personal Selling

  • It is a relatively expensive method of selling. There is a requirement of high capital costs.
  • Also, it is an extremely labour intensive method because a large sales force is required to carry out personal selling successfully.
  • The training of the salesperson is also a very time consuming and costly process.
  • And the method can only reach a limited number of people. Unlike TV or Radio ads it does not cover a huge demographic.

Solved Examples For You


Q1. Personal selling is more effective than advertising when the customer base is__________

  1. Large, local
  2. Small, local
  3. Large, widely dispersed
  4. Small, widely dispersed

Sol. The correct answer is the¬†option ”d”. Personal selling is more effective than advertising when the customer base is small and widespread. Small because the sales force cannot reach every individual and widespread so that multiple salesmen can cover different areas and sell their products or services to people of that area.

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