We know about the four very important P’s of a marketing mix, namely Product, price, Place and Promotion. But did you know that many consider another P that is equally important- Packaging. That’s right, packaging of a product is a very important factor in marketing. Let us see why.

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As we know first impressions go a very long way in how people perceive anything. This is the same idea that companies implement via their packaging. The outer appearance of the product (the package) is the first thing a potential customer will see, and so it can be a great marketing tool for the product.

In fact, the package of a product serves multiple practical purposes as well. Let us take a look at some of the uses and functions that it serves.

  • Protection: The first and the most obvious use of packaging is protection. It physically protects the goods from damage that may be caused due to environmental factors. It is the protection against breaking, moisture, dust, temperature changes etc.
  • Information Transmission: Packaging and labelling are essential tools to inform the customer about the product. They relay important information about directions for use, storage instructions, ingredients, warnings, helpline information and any government required warnings.
  • Convenience: Goods have to be¬†transported, distributed, stored and warehoused during their journey from production to consumption. Packaging will make the process of handling goods more convenient for all parties involved.
  • Security: To ensure that there is no tampering with the goods packaging is crucial. The package of a product will secure the goods from any foreign elements or alterations. High-quality packages will reduce the risk of any pilferage.


(Source: standuppouches)

Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Effective packaging can actually help a company attract consumers to their product. It can be the tool that sets apart their product in a vast sea of options that the consumer has at their disposal. A good packaging can actually add to the perceived value of a product.

There are some effective techniques one can use to ensure that your product package is a great marketing tool for your product. Let us take a look at some elements that you can incorporate into a package to make it more effective.

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Capturing Attention

One important aspect of a package is that it must draw the attention of a potential customer when it is sitting on a shelf. It does not have to be the loudest or brightest package, but it must be unique in some way. Sometimes simplicity could be what sets it apart. Other factors could be the shape, the colour scheme or even the texture of the package.

Brand and Product Names should be very Clear

It is of absolute attention that your packaging draws maximum attention to your brand name. The customer will not buy a product if they do not know whose product they are buying. And clearly displaying your brand name is also a good branding strategy.

Point out to Benefits

Your product may have certain unique elements or benefits. Your packaging should draw attention to such benefits, it is a huge selling point. For example, if the product is ‘organic’ or has ‘no preservatives’ it should say so on the package and be displayed prominently.

Designed with the Target Audience in Mind

The company must be clear on whom the packaging is designed to attract and impress. Say the target audience is youth, then the design can be abstract and modernistic. But say the target customers are senior citizens, then the design should be clear and specific. Designing your packaging for a target audience is not always easy but certain criteria can be followed.

Solved Question for You

Q: What are some environmental considerations to keep in mind while designing the package of a product?

Ans: In this era, while designing the packaging there are certain environmental factors all companies must keep in mind. This is one way to be environmentally conscious and avoid pollution

  • Make sure the package is easily disposable, and provide instructions for such disposal
  • Avoid using excess material while packaging the product. We must restrict our use of excessive plastic if there is no necessary requirement for it.
  • The materials we use for the packaging should be recyclable or reusable.
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