CBSE Class 6 Science Revision Notes

CBSE Class 6 Science Chapter 11 – Light, Shadows and Reflections Class 6 Notes

CBSE Class 6 Science Chapter 11 – Light, Shadows and Reflections Revision Notes

Here, we shall study the Light, Shadows and Reflections Class 6 Notes. We see many objects in our surrounding which are colorful and different. On the way to school students can see things like buses, cars, cycles, trees, animals and many other objects. These things we cannot see in the night. This is because we need an important source to see things. This source is light.

The generating source of light is the sun as well as the torch bulb. We may group the objects as opaque, transparent or translucent type. If we cannot see through an object completely then it is an opaque object. If you are able to see clearly through an object, then such objects are called transparent. Also, there are some objects through which we can see but not in a clear way. Then we call such objects as translucent.

The student will learn about the shadow concept and formation of shadow. The shadow can be seen on some screen. Pinhole camera experiment will explain the property of light to travel in a straight line always. Mirrors and reflection will be explained here.

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Subtopics covered under Light, Shadows and Reflections

  • Light and Shadows: Light is an important part of nature. The students will learn many properties and applications of light in this topic.
  • Pinhole Camera and Reflection of Light: Students will learn to make a pinhole camera and also they will learn many aspects of light using this. Reflection of light will be discussed in an easy and interesting way.

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Light, Shadows and Reflections Class 6 Notes

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