Formation of Adverbs

We have all had our parents ask us to ‘get ready for school quickly’ or to ‘play carefully’ or to ‘do homework regularly’. These words that you hear so often – quickly, carefully, regularly, are all called ‘adverbs’. Just like nouns, verbs, pronouns, and adjectives; adverbs are also one of the different parts of speech. Let’s learn more about the formation of adverbs and how they are used in sentences.

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Definition of Adverbs

An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb. In other words, adverbs describe actions or other descriptive words. For example – Manav runs slowly. Here the word ‘slowly’ describes the action of running and therefore, is an adverb.

Formation of Adverbs

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Formation of Adverbs

  • Most of the times, an adverb is formed by adding ‘ly’ to an adjective. Examples of such formation of adverbs are as follows:
Adjective Adverb
quick quickly
slow slowly
beautiful beautifully
firm firmly
delicate delicately
abrupt abruptly
careful carefully
harsh harshly
cheerful cheerfully
sad sadly

Sometimes, the adjective ends in ‘y’. In these cases, replace the ‘y’ with ‘i’ and add ‘ly’.
Examples are as follows,

Adjective Adverb
easy easily
lucky luckily
happy happily
angry angrily
hungry hungrily
heavy heavily
breezy breezily
cozy cozily
cheery cheerily
busy busily
  • In some cases, the adjective ends in ‘le’, ‘able’ or ‘ible‘. In these cases, replace the ‘e’ with ‘y’. Examples of  these adverbs formation are,
Adjective Adverb
gentle gently
terrible terribly
probable probably
capable capably
fashionable fashionably
suitable suitably
responsible responsibly
eligible eligibly
horrible horribly
incredible incredibly
  • If the adjective ends in ‘ic, then add ‘ally’. The exception is ‘public’. The adverb for ‘public’ is ‘publicly’. Some examples are
Adjective Adverb
tragic tragically
basic basically
dramatic dramatically
energetic energetically
economic economically
strategic strategically
arithmetic arithmetically
geometric geometrically
artistic artistically
academic academically
  • For adjectives that end in ‘cal’, just add ‘ly’ to turn it into an adverb. Examples
Adjective Adverb
chemical chemically
biological biologically
logical logically
grammatical grammatically
physical physically
mechanical mechanically
mathematical mathematically
musical musically
critical critically
medical medically
  • Some adverbs have the same form as their adjective. Some such words are,
Adjective Adverb
early early
late late
daily daily
far far
close close
fast fast
free free
high high
low low
long long

The adverb for the adjective ‘good’ is ‘well’. Examples –

  1. Jack is a good guitarist.     –     Jack plays the guitar well.
  2. She is a good dancer.     –     She dances well.
  3. Akshay is a good student.     –     Akshay studies well.
  4. He is a good chess player.     –     He plays chess well.

Solved Example For You

Question 1: Give the adverbs of the following adjectives – domestic, reversible, crazy, radical, wide, soft, simple.

Solution 1:

Adjective Adverb
domestic domestically
reversible reversibly
crazy crazily
radical radically
wide wide
soft softly
simple simply

Question 2: Fill in the blanks with the best adverb from the brackets.

(carefully, suddenly, loudly, quickly, softly)

  • She talks so ___________, you can hear her from miles away!
  • Let’s walk __________, I don’t want to be late.
  • Talk __________, the baby is sleeping!
  • He walked _________ on the icy pavement because he did not want to slip and fall.
  • It started raining _________, we were all soaked in minutes.

Solution 2:

  • She talks so loudly, you can hear her from miles away!
  • Let’s walk quickly, I don’t want to be late.
  • Talk softly, the baby is sleeping!
  • He walked carefully on the icy pavement because he did not want to slip and fall.
  • It started raining suddenly, we were all soaked in minutes.
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