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On Killing a Tree Summary Class 9 English

Summary on Killing A Tree

On Killing a Tree Summary raises awareness among the readers regarding trees. Here the poet sensitizes the reader regarding trees by emphasizing the fact that trees are living things. Furthermore, the author makes a comparison between trees and humans. He does so by equating the trees with humans. By doing this, the author tries to convey the message that one should not cut trees because they are just like humans. Moreover, the author tries to explain that killing the trees is just like killing humans. Moreover, the author tells that trees do not die by merely cutting them. This is because the trees have a tendency to regrow from the point it is cut. Most noteworthy, one must completely uproot the tree in order to destroy it. This uprooting of the tree would certainly mean death. This is because the tree would be separated from the Earth which supports it.

on killing a tree summary

On Killing a Tree Summary in English

Here, the author talks about how can one kill a tree. Some individuals think that a simple cut will be enough. However, a simple cut will certainly not be enough to destroy a tree. Furthermore, the tree grows gradually and it is rooted in soil. Moreover, the author tells us that the plant takes nutrition from the soil in order to grow. Gradually, it grows into a big tree. Also, there is a firm connection between the tree and the soil. The tree makes use of water, air, and sunlight to grow its many leaves and a formidable trunk.

Humans undertake the cutting and chopping of the tree bark into many pieces. However, even this cutting and chopping of the trees is not sufficient enough to completely destroy the tree. The point of cut in the tree gives out sap. This is certainly similar to human bleeding.  Gradually with time, this cut would heal and new branches will start emerging again. This shows that trees have an amazing ability to recover. So, to kill the tree would require an even more tougher step.

The poet then explains that in order to kill the tree beyond any doubt, one must uproot it. One must make sure to separate the tree from the Earth which provides support to it. Furthermore, the roots of the tree are such that they bind the tree and the soil together. Due to this binding, the tree is connected with the pit of the Earth. The author tells us that the roots are the most hidden part of the tree. Moreover, the roots are also the most sensitive part of the tree. Therefore, in order to destroy the tree, the detachment of the roots must take place. The roots are a part of the tree that are damp. Also, the roots are white in colour.

Uprooting a tree is certainly the ultimate step in destroying it. Once the uprooting of the tree takes place, then it’s only a matter a time before the tree dies. No tree on Earth can survive after uprooting. Gradually the tree after uprooting withers and dries up. This withering and drying up happens with the action of wind and heat. The trunk will gradually become brown. Moreover, the trunk will gradually twist and harden. Most noteworthy, the tree will finally meet its death. So, uprooting the roots turned out to be the most important step in destroying a tree.

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Conclusion of On Killing a Tree

On Killing a Tree Summary discusses how to completely kill a tree in quite an ironical sense that touches the heart of readers.

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