Essay on Favourite Personality

500 Words Essay On Favourite Personality

There are a lot of people all over the world who have achieved greatness and people look up to them. Many celebrities, leaders and artists serve as inspiration for a lot of people. Thus, everyone has a favourite personality whom they admire. In most cases, it is usually a well-known person. But, for me, my favourite personality is not someone famous throughout the world, but famous in our family, my father.

favourite personality

My Father- My Favourite Personality

I used to look up to celebrities growing up and many of them were my role models. But, as I got older, I realized that my favourite personality is right in front of me. My father with whom I live, eat and sleep.

He is the one who has helped me become a better human being. Moreover, my father is the one I thank for my healthy and protected life. My father is a kind man who is very polite. He always likes helping out others.

Moreover, he also teaches us good manners and helps us feel grateful for all we have. As he is very polite, my neighbours also love him. He knows how to make others feel comfortable.

Most importantly, my father always helps out those in need. He will go out of his way to help strangers when they need it. As he is a God-fearing person, I have learned to have faith in my father.

My father is the pillar of my family. He holds us together and makes us strong. I have always seen him sort everything out between us members if we ever get into a fight. He does not show any biases to anyone but loves everyone equally.

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What Makes My Father a Great Personality

I have realized that you don’t have to be super famous to have a great personality. You can be an ordinary person and still have the greatest personality. My father is a great personality as he considers everyone’s feelings in my family.

He makes us feel equally important and takes the advice of every one of us, no matter the age. He follows the simplest of rules and never refuses those who come seeking help at our door.

My father has a soft heart and that is something I strive to have. He does not raise his voice ever and treats everyone with kindness. In addition, my father is a unique personality who serves as a good citizen too.

He never ever breaks any laws or rules. Also, my father never spoils us by buying unnecessary things. He makes sure we learn the value of things so that we turn out to be humble people.

Conclusion of Essay on My Favourite Personality

All in all, my father is like a guide who cares about his family. His personality makes me admire and respect him the most. He acts like a friend and as a parent when he needs to. To conclude, my father is my favourite personality and my biggest support.

FAQ on Essay on Favourite Personality

Question 1: What is meant by favourite personality?

Answer 1: A favourite personality is someone whom you like in a special way for who they are and how they carry themselves.

Question 2: Why are fathers the most influential person in our lives?

Answer 2: Fathers acts as our parent as well as a friend. They push us to do better no matter what happens and always guide us on the right path to help us succeed.

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