Essay on My Favourite Season

500 Words Essay On My Favourite Season

Seasons keep changing but they also come back every year. This is one of my most favourite parts about them. They always return no matter what. Everyone has a favourite season and so do I. My favourite season is the summer season. There are many reasons to like it which I will explain below.

my favourite season

Why Summer is My Favourite Season

Just like many other kids my age, I like the summer season the most. What’s not to like about it? You get to enjoy long holidays as everyone gets a break from school. Similarly, parents allow the kids to have ice creams.

Cold drinks are another reasons why summer is my favourite season. We get to have such a wide variety of food items during this season. On the healthier side, we also get incredible mangoes in the summer season.

As mangoes are my favourite fruit, I tend to like summers even more. Summers make us truly appreciate and savour a lot of things. During the summer season, we get holidays for a long time.

During the summer holidays, I get to spend time with my family and friends to the fullest. When we get lucky, we even go on family trips. I look forward to them every year, even if it is a small trip.

Most importantly, there are so many activities that I get to do during summers like joining summer camps, cycling, swimming, and more. Summers are so bright and exciting that it has always been my favourite season.

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The Specialty of Summer Season

The summer season has long days and short nights. The days are sunny and bright. We get to relax completely during the afternoons during summers. Similarly, we also get so much sunlight.

The water parks are always full of people during summers that help people stay cool and have a good time. I like swimming in the pools during summers as it makes me feel free. There are also different varieties of food items I get to enjoy during summers.

There are fresh cucumbers, huge watermelons, juicy oranges, sweet guavas, nutritious muskmelons, and more. The early mornings of summer are incredible and nothing can match the atmosphere.

Another speciality of summer has to be the clothes. People enjoy wearing shorts, dresses, sleeveless shirts, and more to enjoy summers to the fullest. The hill stations are swarmed during the summer season as everyone goes there to escape the heat. Therefore, all these specialities make me love summer even more.


All in all, summer is my favourite season as everything is bright and lovely. Even the fruits and vegetables we get are so colourful that it makes a good sight for sore eyes. School going children love summers even more as summer break allows us to play more and relax. Summers are warm, sunny, and delightful.

FAQ on Essay on My Favourite Season

Question 1: Why do kids like summer more?

Answer 1: Most kids like summer more as they allow them to relax and take a break from school. The long summer holidays give them a break where they can play, learn new hobbies, eat delicious fruits and vegetables and do more fun activities.

Question 2: What is the speciality of summer?

Answer 2: Summer has a lot of specialities. They include a variety of food items like mangoes, cucumbers, muskmelons, oranges, guavas, and more. Further, people enjoy their time in swimming pools and get to wear light clothes.

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