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Types of Organizational Communication

In an organization, communication is an important part of all managerial actions. The word communication is used for the sharing of ideas between the two people. Communication of ideas, in general, establishes a common ground for understanding a person in an organization. Thus, it is said that communication conducts an upward pulse of the workforce in an organization. It is a process of understanding and passing the information from one person to another. That is why it becomes very important to understand organisational communication.

Organisational Communication

Organisational Communication

               Types of Organisational Communication

It is impossible for an organization to exist without a formal system of communication. Also, communication is an activity for which a manager devotes a high proportion of his time. Communication in an organization is important because it structures people together and ties them up.

Also, it is a bridge between two or more than two people. Furthermore, communication involves acceptance and understanding of ideas to act in it. Organizational communication is part of good management. Also, communication should be a substitute for good management.

Types of Organizational Communication

There are several types of communication in an organization. Based on the relationship of the parties communicating with each other, communication can either be formal or informal. While based on the flow of direct communication can be upward, downward, or horizontal.

Informal and Formal Communication

Communication is said to be informal when it grows out of personal interests. Also, communication that is grown spontaneously out of group interest as such is called as informal communication. While communication is said to be formal when it is in the form of an official message. This is normally communicated by a manager based on the virtue of his position in the organizational structure.

Written and Verbal Communication

There are two methods in which communication can be communicated. One of them is verbal while another one is written. There are popular forms of oral communication that includes face to face talks, grapevine, and formal discussion groups.

While on the other handwritten communication is considered as a formal method of putting the instructions, order, and reports in words. Also, this helps in the creation of a record for evidence.

Upward, downward, and horizontal Communication

When communication flows from bottom to up it is known as upward communication. While communication is called downward communication when it flows from up to bottom.

Horizontal or lateral communication is used for the flow of communication between various people or department that are on a similar level in an organization.

Barrier in Communication

Although the person takes great care in sending a message there may exist some barriers to the communication. It often happens that there may exist some sort of barriers to communication. A misunderstanding occurs when the message is poorly transmitted.

Thus, this leads to frictions and strained relations between the employees. Also, this affects more of the workers in the organization. Some of the barriers to an organization, in general, are language, selective perception, semantic barrier, filtering, emotions, information overload, non-verbal cues, etc.

Practice Question on Organisational Communication

Q. Which of these options does not follow for effective communication?

A. Adequate medium

B. Clarity

C. Objective of communication

D. Inadequate medium

Answer: D. Inadequate medium

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  • Types of Organizational Communication

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  • Types of Organizational Communication

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