Data Handling

Your life is surrounded by numbers. Marks you scored, runs you made, your height, your weight. All these numbers are nothing but data. Here we will learn what is data and how to organise and represent this data in forms of graphs and charts. We will also come across the concept of probability. Let us get started.

FAQs on Data Handling

Question 1: What is meant by data?

Answer: Data refers to distinct pieces of information. Usually, the formatting of such information takes place in a special way. People also use the word data in reference to computer information. Strictly speaking, data happens to be the plural of the word datum, a single piece of information.

Question 2: What are the various types of data?

Answer: A the highest level, the two types of data that exist are the quantitative data and the qualitative data. Quantitative data can be divided further two types that are continuous data and discrete data.

Question 3: Explain the process of collecting data?

Answer: The process of collecting data consists of the following steps:

  • Determination of what information one intends to collect.
  • Set a timeframe for the purpose of data collection.
  • Selecting a data collection method.
  • Collection of the data
  • Data analysis

Question 3: What are the various methods of collecting data?

Answer: The various methods of collecting data are interview, schedule, questionnaire, observation, projective techniques, and case study.

Question 4: Differentiate between data and information?

Answer: Data refers to raw and unorganized facts. When proper structuring and organizing of data takes place, it is known as information.

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