Does It Look The Same?

When you see yourself in a mirror, does it look the same to you? Yes, in a plane reflective mirror, objects appear exactly the same. But can you also tell the line of symmetry of an object, say a spherical ball? Well, let’s study more about the linear, reflectional and rotational symmetry in the topics below.

FAQ on Does It Look the Same?

Question 1: What is meant by linear symmetry?

Answer: Linear symmetry is a kind of symmetry in which we draw a line from the middle of the figure. Thus, the two parts of the figure coincide. Thus, each part of it is referred to as the mirror image of the other.

Question 2: What are the 4 types of symmetry?

Answer: The four main kinds of symmetry are translation, glide reflection, rotation and reflection.

Question 3: What is Angle of Rotation?

Answer: It is the angle of turn during the object’s rotational movement. For instance, if a pentagon rotates at 62 °, the shape of it looks the same after the rotation, thus 62 ° will be the angle of rotation for the Pentagon.

Question 4: What is Reflection symmetry?

Answer: We refer to reflection symmetry to also mirror symmetry. It is present in those objects or patterns which we can cut into halves of each other. In this type of symmetry, the line of symmetry behaves like a mirror. Thus, we refer to it as a mirror line because of this behaviour.

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